Support Women-Owned Small Businesses

I’ll admit it. I’m disappointed in myslef. 17 days into Women’s History Month and it has just dawned on me that I have not been intentional in supporting other women. Well, that’s not entirely true. My 9-5 is all about that life, but in this safe space, in this explorative space, in this hustling space, in this — space I’ve created, shared, get excited to see others returning to, liking, enjoying what I’ve typed, shouldn’t that be more of my focus this month? Even year round?

Yes, I am a woman-owned small business and I have spent all month (and all year) and many evenings after my job working on my business. In fact, on my lunch break yesterday, I met a client in Hollywood for notary services. Came back home only to book another client in Santa Monica and took an inquiry call from another client. I spent a good amount time working in and on my business. So much so I’ve gotten comfortable and confident calling it my business rather than my hustle. Trust me, I got other hustles.

But while I was with clients, comfirming CashApp deposits (oh, I take the major digital payments – Venmo, PayPal, Zelle and CashApp. Hello!), I hadn’t made time to support other women owned businesses. And it’s not hard to do so. Google has even added a feature that allows you to identify your business as black-owned, woman-owned or LGBTQ-friendly. So, if I really wanted to walk my talk, I could.

So why haven’t I?

Now, I know some people will want to argue that going out of your way to support one demographic over others isn’t fair or right. It should be on the merits of that business or that person. I don’t disagree with that all. But I will say that supporting groups that have systemstically been at a disadvantage is unfair. It’s purely acknowledging they exist and throwing them some business.

Remember when you first started your hustle or business and getting your first few clients were a pain in the ass? Same thing. Except, now imagine you have less to work with (resources) because you never belonged to the “club” that knew the tricks already. Hence, why we should support others when we can.

So I challenge myself to find and support a woman-owned business this month the next time I need or want something. Rather than clicking over to Amazon everytime becaue it’s just easier or because I have an account with them, I’ll be more conscious about where I spend my money. You’re more than welcome to join me. I’d love to hear want you discovered and supported this month!

Supporting women is a good thing. I promise you. 😉

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