National Equal Pay Day

It’s National Equal Pay Day today, ladies. And gents, you can get on board this too. But ladies…hey! Not that this is the only day or chance we have to tell the world that we should get paid the same as a man who does the same work us, but to also a chance for us to set the example.

I’m a firm believer that we, as women, should get paid our fair share and that all starts with having an open and transparent conversation about money. But we got to be the example to ourselves and for other women around us.

To my lady business owners, when you hire other women, negotiate fairly their compensation package. Men business owners, pay the women what they’re worth. To my lady side hustlers, charge a fee worth your time and knowledge and don’t worry if broke clients don’t want to work you. Trust me, you don’t want those broke clients either. They are just headaches ready to explode. You want clients that won’t bat an eye when you tell them your fees. You want clients that won’t b*tch and complain when you raise your fees in accordance to inflation and the cost of living.

Oh, their Amazon prime subscription went up, they still paid it but they dont want to pay you. Tell them to get to steppin’.

I had someone reach out to me for notary services last week, and they needed services like pronto. He also need to travel to him and he was like a 30-45 minute drive from me. So when I gave him the overall fee and broke down the charges, he told me I was too high for him. You know what I said? “Okay”.

I’ll be damn if I’m going to negotiate my fees, especially for an area I don’t service or for an immediate service request. I didn’t get his business but it didn’t mess up my money, because I already had an appointment booked with another client later on in the day. And I didn’t have to deal with a broke client’s foolery. Because I hustle. And I’m good at what I do.

I’m good enough be paid what I’m worth, my fair share. Get your equal pay ladies. If you work hard, get paid right.

And to all the men who are allies, thank you.

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