International Trans Visibility Day

I think it’s been interesting that we’re ending the month on a day of visibility, in light all the STUFF going on in our little ol’ chaotic country right now. I’ll just be happy to get through the remnants of the pandemic and know what our new normal will look like.

With that being said, I steer away from topics that can lead to divisive commentary. There’s enough hate, there’s enough ignorance and there’s enough closed-mindedness that I refuse to engage just to give someone else a reason to be upset or mad. Gurl, I ain’t trying to be mad, I’m trying to build my emergency fund, establish a travel fund, upgrade my standard of living, pay off my student loan debt and help those I can along the way do the same. I have no time for being divisive.

I did come across a newsletter in my inbox that talked about today’s celebration of Trans Visibility Day (awful segue, I know) and something disturbed me – as a person, as a hustler. There was a commentary piece in there trying to persuade those who believe in only binary genders and sexes that there was more than those two. Let me fast forward – we can disagree and still be supportive. We can see things differently and still respect one another. This whole notion that I am wrong and you’re right and now one of us doesn’t deserve human rights or to be treated like a person, I’m over it.

Do you know how many hustles that be created by any given one person, depending on their skill set and background? All of them would be legit as long as they’re above board. I say that say one than one opinion can be valid and we don’t have to be each other’s throat to prove the other wrong. Let’s agree to disagree and STILL support one another! Still validate each other. Still treat one another with kindness, dignity and respect.

Trans people, I see you. I don’t have to agree with you to see you. But, I see you. You have my allyship and support, because we’re all people out here…


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