All right ladies and yes, my gentlemen. There is a new COVID Relief Fund granting small businesses in the Los Angeles area business grants starting at…$10,000. That is free money, does need tk be paid back!

The grant opens today and the window to apply ends April 11th, so don’t waste time pondering if you should or should’nt apply. Whenever there is free money out there for your business, you always should apply.

A few stipulations for this grant as you’ll read when you visit their website. You must be brick and mortar business. You online business, this one is not for us. Trust me, I feel your pain. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other grants out there. But to your fellow business men and women and colleagues, here is their chance to get the much need small business relief they desperately needed.

In addition to being a brick and mortar, to be eligible for this grant, your business needs to be the personal service or retail space. Think nail salons and or anything to do with selling goods out of store. Yep. This grant is for you.

The grant opens today and closes Sunday. Don’t hesitate. Apply today:

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