It’s Also Poetry Month

(Whispers) hey! You still up? For all my writimg hustlers – authors, screenwriters, copy writers, novelists and of course, poets… let me share a littlr of original work with you in honor of it being Poetry Month.

There’s such a pain

from a lively loss

that no truth could’ve paid

for its higher cost.

No marks on the body,

no scuffling of feet

just a broken bond

when two sister-souls meet.

No love is “unconditional”,

we always take measure

when unwanted words take flight

it endangers what we treasure.

It gives pause to questions

that were never, ever asked

it casts shadows of doubt

of something insidious being unmasked.

I dare not ask

for the pain is too fresh

what happens to those two sister-souls,

what becomes of their flesh?

No longer bonded,

no longer bound

are they still sister-souls

or extras in the background?

Thanks for letting me share!

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