Count Your Money, Honey!

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but it took me more time than I care to admit to learn to count my money in front of clients. I know this probably seems strange to admit, but it’s the truth and if we’re going to keep discussing all things financial and educational this month, let’s talk about counting our money. Especially in front our clients.

It was a tip my mother taught/told me a while back. She said whenever I got paid in cash, count my money right there and then. Don’t even assume someone paid me exactly what I told them it would be. This isn’t to make everyone out to be crooks and liars, but the moment you get paid for something, it stops being a hobby or side project and becomes a business. And if you’re going to make money in a business fashion, you need to show up as such. That means counting every dollar, and knowing the total you’re owed for services rendered.

The first time I counted the cash of a client, he didn’t even move until he knew I had exactly what I told him my notary service would. It didn’t embarrassed him (as I thought it would) and it didn’t embarrassed me. If anything, counting my money right there in front of him assured him I was, indeed, a business woman about my business.

Listen, I even confirm the payment of clients who CashApp, Zelle, PayPal or Venmo me. I don’t leave their sight until my phone has vibrated or dinged confirming I have received the funds.

Count your money.

Good money management, especially for side hustlers and business owners is not being afraid to manage your money, especially money coming in. And don’t be afraid of making anyone else feel uncomfortable that you do so. You want to be taken seriously but you also want to take your finances seriously.

Count your money.

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