Yes, You Can Raise Your Fees

Girlfriend, listen. If people are willing to pay $119 for an annual membership of Amazon Prime after it went up about $20 a couple of years ago, you can raise your fees too. I’m speaking from a small business owner stance and as someone who pays that damn $119 fee to Amazon every year.

The first thing we grapple with as huslters and business owners is fear. The fear that if we raise our prices or fees, we’ll lose customers. We’ll lose the clients we already have. And if that’s the case, how will we get more?

Breathe. As I’m going to let you in on a little secret: that’s okay. In fact, if we lose clients that don’t want to pay us what we’re worth, that’s completely fine. We only want clients that can afford us. And this isn’t my bougie self talking (although she’s known to make guest appearances). What is the point of improving our talents and skills, taking workshops and seminars, doubling down on our business if we have to settle for a client base that’s only looking for the best bargain prices?

Fact: cheap clients are the worst! They hate to pay and they love to complain. Kick them to the curb. We don’t need them.

Truth: the latter half of last year, I did away with varying my travel fee for my notary business. Instead of trying to offer what I thought was fair to my notary clients based on how close they were to me, I offered one flat fee across the board. About 90% of my notary clients are same day clients. And they’re usually “how soon can you get here” clients. Meaning, I’ve gotta stop what I’m doing or rush through it, GPS myself to their location and fight traffic along the way. Lowering my travel fee was unfair to me. So I stopped that and I feel so better that I when I leave my house, I’m leaving it for the right dollar figure.

And you know what, business has never been better. December 2020 was my best month as far as income from clients and March 2021- last month- was my best quantity of clients month.

Truth: I had a client this month, last week in fact, who called me on Easter asking for same day notary services. Because it was Easter and he was asking for same day, right now service, I charged him $15 more for travel. Easter is a holiday for me, even if it isn’t a holiday for my clients. He replied back asking, when I gave him the full quote, was that the best I could do. And I was firm and said yes. When all was said and done, he said I was the most pleasant person he’s worked with. So, yes, he “hired” me, he paid me the full amount of my fees and has my business card for future services when he’s ready.

Yes, go ahead and raise your fees and blow yourself away (as in, impress. Need to clarify that statement). You might find that was the best thing you could do for your hustle or business.

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