I Lost A Friend Today

(Whispers) It’s late, it’s midnight. If you’re up… wow, you’re a night owl too. Great to know.

In honor of it also being National Poetry month, I wanted to share something of my writing with you, if that’s all right:

I lost a friend today
when I spoke my truth
or was it my truth
or just a ruse?
A ruse for anger?
A ruse for pain?
I don’t think it matters
the friendship is slained.
I lost a friend
because I couldn’t smile
and nod my head
knowing all the while
the choice she was making
would be a huge mistake.
And the words I chose
were enough to break
10 years of trust
10 years of secrets
10 years of laughs
10 years we’ll now forget.
I lost a friend today
today, a friendship I lost
I ask myself repeatedly
was the truth worth the cost?

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