You’re Supposed to Be Supportive

Hey, I know it’d late but because it’s still April and it’s still Poetry Month, I wanted to share a few more with you if you don’t mind.

You’re suppose to be supportive

When your friend tells you the news

That in nine short months

Their bundle will be due.

But how am I supposed to be joyful

With unexpected news from a friend?

That baby bump she’ll soon cradle

Is how our friendship will end.

Oh, you think I’m being dramatic

I’m making this all about me?

My circle of friends is already small

And I don’t make friendships lightly.

She swears up and down

That nothing between us will change

As much of a relief I want that to be

It also sounds very strange.

Like, she wouldn’t change

Her number one priorty?

She’d put that baby on the back burner

If it meant spending time with me?

Nah, I don’t believe that

I don’t believe that for one second

Any good parent puts their child first

And everyone else can just suck it.

I’ve chosen a childfree life

Which means having childfree friends too

It’s much easier to maintain those relationships

When there isn’t a child in between you.

Yeah, go ahead and call it selfish

I’ve been hearing it for years

But I carved out an intentional life

Children were off the map, free and clear

You’re supposed to be supportive

When a friend enters a new chapter

You just never thought a new chapter

Would kill off your character right after.

You’re Supposed to be Supportive (ML Morgan)

Thanks for letting me share! Night!

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