I don’t know about you… but I relish time away from projects. To clear my head, explore ideas, re-align with my goals an basically… untangle myself from additional work.

Yes, even things hustles and projects I’m passionate about are work. Not like the 9-5 work many of us are familiar with that require us to clock in and clock out. But the kind of work that requires one’s time, one’s patience, perseverance, calculated moves. Time is everything and I thought I love and preach about how everyone should have a side hustle, it will help you begin to free yourself from the confines of employment and debt (via extra income), staying on the grind with no intermittent rest or rejuvenation is just as bad as working for dead-end job and boss you can’t stand

Take a break. Take a breath. Disappear for a little. Find ways to get some clarity. Find ways to get some peace.

Yesterday morning, I opened up my day with a shower, some smooth Jazz with Alexa and avocado toast for breakfast. I wanted to lay in bed and luxuriate, but I also wanted to set my week up for success. So I choose the later. Put things away (laundry), cleaned out shelves, took my trash out, swept, mopped, sent over some links to a colleague of mine who’s putting together an app to feature the services of select business people (myself included).

I’ve been getting steady general notary work. I’m continuing to perfect and get creative with the marketing. Writing another e-Book, not about side hustling and freelancing, but more tailored my full time roll to help others like me. And I’m working on releasing another poetry book later this year. Oh, and I’m upping my networking game because I plan to make some important moves between now and March of 2022.

Keeping my eye focused on the goal and the prize. Even if you don’t see or hear from, every day I’m hustlin’. But I still remember to breathe!