A Little Halloween …

…for monsters we created, but demons we did not…

I like the ones that start on a rainy night.

A subtle introduction alarming for fright.

The scariest is not what is already known,

but what is known and knows you’re alone.

In your most vulnerable state, flat on your back,

in your nightmares or even dreams, it plans to attack.

Between Heaven and Hell, asleep or awake,

you’ll find you can’t fight what it wants to take.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe,

existence wasn’t made, just simply conceived.

For monsters we created but demons we did not.

The wage for your soul is a battle to be fought.

They know you’re afraid and feed off your fear,

every flinch, jump and shiver has them smilin’ ear to ear.

They see the hair raised on the back of you arm,

the whites of your eyes anxious and alarmed.

The beads of sweat across your brow

to add to your fear, they give a low growl.

And what they are that makes you so afraid,

created in imagination and there they should’ve stayed.

Believe it or not, design of our own,

for demons we didn’t create but have been shown.

And with what little effort did we spin a web

allowing fear and fright to slowly ebb,

the hope we had to evade the demons

without realizing their appearances are for a reason.

For within inside each and everyone

is what our human race has become.

Happy Halloween! 🎃

Failing Will Get You Ahead

Failing Has Value

In fact, failing actually rewards you.

The motivational speaker, Les Brown says, “you will fail your way to success. “ I’ve often thought that has to be the most idiotic thing ever released out into the world. Until I realized… he was right.

Every successful hustle, every mastery of every skill I have isn’t because I started out knowing everything and how to do it. I had to fail at doing it first. I had to learn some lessons. I had to go through the experience of doing it the wrong way in order to know how to do it the right way.

Failing has value. Not succeeding the first time, the first few times, the first dozen times around… will show you what you don’t know, what you weren’t prepared for and where your weaknesses are. Failing is nothing but a revelation test. It will reveal where you are with what you know so you can better understand what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s the only way you’re going to get ahead. Really.

Are You Celebrating All Your Wins?

Celebrate All Your Wins

I fee like we’ve discussed this before. I also feel like you didn’t listen before, either.

Celebrate your wins. ALL your wins.

Stop waiting until a big win happens. Big wins don’t happen without the small wins first. That’s like waiting to lose 100lbs but ignoring the fact you lost 20, drop to 2 clothing sizes and get regular compliments. So… all of this isn’t enough for you? You need that 100lb win that you’re already on track for? Yeesh!

Stop downplaying your hard work, your smart moves, your growing network, getting outside your comfort zone, the shout-outs, your new opportunities because it’s not “the one”. Your wins, no matter their size, deserve a celebration as much as you do. Literally, stop and smell the roses because, my dear, you are building a beautiful garden. You just need to realize it.

Turn Your Experience Into Your Hustle: Bartender

The experience*:

  • Followed all safety and sanitation policies when handling food and beverages
  • Engaged in guest conversation to build rapport
  • Welcomed, acknowledged and greeted all guests who came to the bar
  • Upsold food and beverages to guests
  • Processed cash and all card payments
Turn your bartending experience into a new hustle

The pandemic that started in 2020 decimated many industries and businesses. Some businesses were able to pivot and ride the tide of the various quarantine measures. Others, we’ll never see again. One of the hardest hit industries was the restaurant industry. At the start of the pandemic, they could no longer seat customers in their establishment. For those that were quick to react, they were able to stay afloat offering takeout but the waitstaff suffered because they had no one to serve and weren’t collecting tips, the very blood of their income.

Those that also suffered in a very similar manner were bars. They too were used to have patrons come in, drink, socialize, and tip and that went right out the window when the quarantines went into effect. But that doesn’t mean bartenders, then or now, have to continue to suffer the remnants of 2020 pandemic and hope that foot traffic picks up. They can use their current skills and transform it into a hustle, full time or alongside their job.

The above bullet point list is a description from an actual resume of a former client of mine (I update and polish people’s resumes for career transitions or new employment opportunities). This particular client had worked overseas in a number of roles, mostly in a hospitality capacity but wanted to transition into a corporate office position. She wanted to keep all of her employment experience on her resume to show the transferrable skills she possessed. Looking over her resume, I thought bar tender would be the most lucrative jobs she could turn into a side hustle or business. And no, I wouldn’t advise her to open a bar herself, unless that was her goal.

Here’s how I see the hustle: Either as a trainer, helping bars that are opening and have bar tenders for who are new to the work get familiar with the job. Or, as a beverage “consultant”, for lack of a better word. As a beverage consultant, this can be done virtually or in-person. All you would focus on is teaching small groups how to make drinks, where to buy the best tasting alcohol on a budget and how to be a great host while are also serving drinks. Which, in itself, can grow into party or event planning hustle. This skill doesn’t have to be trapped behind a counter. Turn it on its head by looking all the skills — the things you do in a role — and pulling the best and lucrative parts from it.

I’d love to help you figure out how to take your job and pull a side hustle from it. Want the help? Send me a message at: femalesinglehustlin@gmail.com! Love to hear from you!

Ever Feel Like It’s Taking Too Long…

It takes more time to build a mansion than it does to build a shack

To reach your goals?

To manifest your dreams?

To live the lifestyle you want?

To work for yourself full-time?

To live life on your own terms?

To be done with the bull– already?

Remember… it takes more lumber and time to build a mansion than it does to build a shack. The loftier your dreams and goals, the more time it’s going to take. Be patient. If you wanted average and mediocre, you would’ve already been happy. Keep working. It’s coming.

Let’s Close Out This Year

It Feels Better to Be Present

It’s been a rocky and interesting 18 months for all of us navigating this new and similar world. And, probably like so many others, I’ve slouched a bit. A lot of bit, really, on some personal passion projects. Things that meant something, even if only to me.

So I figured I’d close out 2021 the way I wanted 2020 to start and roll out as. Taking some of these precious moments back. Because they’re mine. And things to do, goals to accomplish.

Dreams don’t come thru by themselves.