Celebrate All Your Wins

I fee like we’ve discussed this before. I also feel like you didn’t listen before, either.

Celebrate your wins. ALL your wins.

Stop waiting until a big win happens. Big wins don’t happen without the small wins first. That’s like waiting to lose 100lbs but ignoring the fact you lost 20, drop to 2 clothing sizes and get regular compliments. So… all of this isn’t enough for you? You need that 100lb win that you’re already on track for? Yeesh!

Stop downplaying your hard work, your smart moves, your growing network, getting outside your comfort zone, the shout-outs, your new opportunities because it’s not “the one”. Your wins, no matter their size, deserve a celebration as much as you do. Literally, stop and smell the roses because, my dear, you are building a beautiful garden. You just need to realize it.

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