…for monsters we created, but demons we did not…

I like the ones that start on a rainy night.

A subtle introduction alarming for fright.

The scariest is not what is already known,

but what is known and knows you’re alone.

In your most vulnerable state, flat on your back,

in your nightmares or even dreams, it plans to attack.

Between Heaven and Hell, asleep or awake,

you’ll find you can’t fight what it wants to take.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe,

existence wasn’t made, just simply conceived.

For monsters we created but demons we did not.

The wage for your soul is a battle to be fought.

They know you’re afraid and feed off your fear,

every flinch, jump and shiver has them smilin’ ear to ear.

They see the hair raised on the back of you arm,

the whites of your eyes anxious and alarmed.

The beads of sweat across your brow

to add to your fear, they give a low growl.

And what they are that makes you so afraid,

created in imagination and there they should’ve stayed.

Believe it or not, design of our own,

for demons we didn’t create but have been shown.

And with what little effort did we spin a web

allowing fear and fright to slowly ebb,

the hope we had to evade the demons

without realizing their appearances are for a reason.

For within inside each and everyone

is what our human race has become.

Happy Halloween! 🎃

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