Your Environment Plays a Role in Your Success

Think about the people in your life right now. Who are those that you genuinely feel energized around? Who makes you fill uplifted? Something about them always makes you feel good about your dreams, your ideas or even just you.

Okay, now think about those people who, yeah, you hung around with but, you guys were more like the tv-watching types or shooting the breeze. Nothing got accomplished but that was also the expectation.

Now think of places and activities that inspire you. That feed your soul. And conversely, think of places and things that feel more like a chore to do or partake it. Things that you do because feel obligated to, you always done it so you continue to do it, or for no real reason at all.

Your designed environment – the people, the places, the spaces you create – all play a role in how you cope with stress, how you handle rejection and setbacks, how manage your time, how you treat yourself and your overall success. Your environment is a big deal. From your apartment to your best friend, from your office to your tribe. It shapes you, it steers you. It reflects your direction.

Building the best possible environment for our needs requires us to be intentional about who is in our lives, what we’re willing to tolerate, and what we need to grow and develop and create. Do you require peace and quiet? Do you need someone to talk over your decisions with? Does some background sounds and music help, like a little smooth Jazz? Are more of social coffeehouse type? Are friend dates essential for you?

Curate an environment essential to your success.

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