The following is taken from a transcription of the interview Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had with NBC, “Meet The Press” in 1967.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

…sometimes it is necessary to dramatize an issue because many people are not aware of what’s happening. And I think the sit-ins serve to dramatize the indignities and the injustices which Negro people are facing all over the nation. And I think another reason why they are necessary, and they are vitally important at this point, is the fact that they give an eternal refutation to the idea that the Negro is satisfied with segregation. If you didn’t have the sit-ins, you wouldn’t have this dramatic, and not only this dramatic but this mass demonstration of the dissatisfaction of the Negro with the whole system of segregation.

If you don’t raise awareness of the issue, how will others know there’s an issue negatively affecting others?

This quote was deliberately not taken from Dr. King’s I Have A Dream speech, which gets overly misused all the time (myself included). That dream has only been partially actualized in the almost 60 years in which it was shared. These words are much more relevant to the times of the day. His words hold true then as they do now.

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