Be ready for change

If change is part of the the process to see the successes and the goals we have for ourself to come into fruition, then we need to be ready for the change.

My best friend texted me this morning that she put her two weeks notice in at her job. She’s a nurse. Now, I know what you’re thinking. We need more nurses now more than ever. She’s not quitting being a nurse. She’s just quitting where she’s working. And instead choosing to work as a traveling nurse, traveling to other medical facilities that are understaffed and need more support. While being a nurse, she’s also be studying to become a nurse practitioner.

See, she’s been on this road to fulfill a few dreams of hers where she can optimize her skill set, her income and her contribution.

She and I have talkd about her becoming a traveling nurse for a little while and although she liked the idea, she felt nervous because it meant stepping outside her comfort zone. It meant…change. But she’s done the work. Shes evaluated the pros and cons of thid change. And, now she’s ready for the next chapter of her professional journey. She’s ready for change.

Are you?

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