Turning Your Sales Experience into a Public Relations Hustle

Does that seem like a stretch? I don’t think so, but hear me out on this.

Many sale representatives find themselves talking to a single client or clients representing an organization or in front groups of people, convincing them why their product or service is superior to their competitors. They’re amping up the positives and downpaying or reconstruting the negatives, getting their audience on their side.

A lot pitching, talking, networking, meetings take place for sales representatives. Many of them live on commission and making those connections to make the sale to earn their commissions drives their livelihood. It’s the definitive person-facing job, so say the least. They need to have good people skills. Very much like a public relations representative would need. And to always be able to close the deal.

Along with the networking skills, being able to pitch and present, hold meetings, talk on behalf of someone making sure you represent them in the best possible way so people buy into that person, these roles are just about twins.

So, how do you get started making that transition into your hustle?

Right off the bat, I’m going to say website. Website, website, website. You may not have a whole lot — or any— well known clients you name drop on your site, but you can speak highly of your skill set and how long you’ve been doing what you do. Remember, a lot of the sale representatives jargon is transferable to public relations. Performance is what people want to hear about.

I would also moonlight under another established public relations representative. See what they do, how they do it, what are their systems, what’s their process?

Take mad notes. Duplicate and tweak what works and leave what doesn’t.

Do some pro bono work for a non-profit. One, charities always need help getting their name out there. Two, it makes you look generous. Three, it’s a great way to network. And four, you’ll start building up your clientele base and will be able to showcase who you’ve worked.

And don’t forget to ask for testimonials. What others say about you speaks higher than what you say about yourself.

So, does it look like you’ll be starting your public relations hustle soon?

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