“Lady Be Good”

Lady Be Good

I like to wake up every Sunday to the sound of Jazz. Something about the funky rearranged notes and tempos are a great a stimulator for getting things started in my day and helps me prep for the new week.

I wish you could hear Patty Austin’s “Lady Be Good” play in the background as I map out today’s plans and what needs to be accomplished this week.

I’ve been MIA for quite some time, not my intention, but we all know how the game of life goes. I’ve been dealing with some professional transitioning since June and it’s finally coming to head. Which is nice to be able to rid myself of one thing so I can focus on another, but the truth is, it’s been mentally exhausting. And I’ve been maintaining this poker face for so long because I don’t want to jeopardize my outcome.

It’s a hustle. Always is. But we make space for things we want, the things that really matter. That’s exactly what a hustle is. The goals may be different from time to time but we still make space for it.

Happy Sunday, Hustlers.