WHEN… You Gotta Remind Others of Your Time

Because no one is going to respect your time the way you will. No one is going uphold your time as valuable as you will. So you will have to remind others your time is not to be wasted just because they waste their time.


Earlier this afternoon I rescheduled a phone interview with a company for a position I was partially interested in. It was close to home. Offered great perks. Reasonable salary. But my point of contact with the company no showed our first call. I scheduled the call for when I got off of work so I wouldn’t be distracted and be comfortable. Made it home on time. And after waiting five minutes, I called my contact who didn’t respond. Left him a voicemail. Followed up my voicemail with a email to confirm I had the right date and time. A week later, I got a response. He had the flu.

But there was no one else in the office who could’ve filled in for you?

So we rescheduled.

Until he no showed once again.

He had gotten sick… again. Guess who else was getting sick? Me! For putting up with a company that seemed not value anyone else’s time. But I told myself the 3rd time would be the charm.

Today was the 3rd time. No charm. All disappointment.

After waiting 15 minutes, I sent an email letting my contact know that I appreciated him wanting to speak with me and learning more about my skill set for the opening but that I was no longer interested in the position.

And I’m not. Because I can only imagine if this is how they treat the interview process, I would hate to learn how they would treat me as an employee. I think I just dodged a bullet.

As well as had to remind another that my time isn’t to play with. Because it isn’t.

People forget. You are not them. And they need to treat you according to you and not how they treat themselves. You deserve the same.

This Week’s Goal: Getting Caught Up

I hate to admit it, especially with it only being the first week of February, but I’m a little behind. I wrote out my 6-month plan for the year, beautifully, by the way, before 2019 startrd. But I’m a little off track. So my goal for the week is the figure out how much off track I am from where I’m supposed to be, get back on track and figure out how to keep the momentum moving. Reading various materials about success and break throughs, they seem to say it happens when you’re working. Which is almost like a “duh”, but I think they’re implying that you’ve gotta be consistent in your work and focused on your goals.

So getting me on track will align me right back with consistent and deliberate actions. Specific actions bring about specific results. So…let’s get too it.

Working 5 to 9: Pockets of Time

Right now, right now (ish)… I am in a meeting with a client of mine I’ve been working with since 2013. We’re meeting a Starbucks in the Pico-Robertson area. And I’m not suppose to be at work (my 9 to 5) for another hour and half. And it’s like this. Often enough.

I’ve talked about hustling around your schedule and finding times to meet with client. But I live that life. I negotiate with clients not just with fees but when to meet. Because, yes, it would be more convenient for them to meet at one o’clock in the afternoon. I would like that too. But I’m working. At a job that covers the bills. And I’m not ready just yet to jeopardize that job for a client whose fees may cover one bill. Not there yet. So I have to comprise. I have make time even when I rather be sleeping in.

So here I am at Starbucks meeting my client after her kids’ carpool drop off and before she has to meet one of her clients. Just another day in the life of.

Know this feeling?

Happy Friday: Feelin’ Good

Happy Friday, ladies (and my gents too who visit and read. I see you and I thank you!)

We are now in February, my birthday month. Just throwing it out there in case you wanted to get me a gift. I like wine. Any sort. But if you want to get me something special though, San Antonio Winery has this great La Quinta Port Syrah. De-lish. Just sayin’.

Aside from it being my birthday month, it’s going to be a beautiful month regardless. I’m declaring it now. I had some changes take place for me this month, but I am spinning them on their head to make them advantageous for me and my goals rather than what the original designer created those changes for. And sometimes you gotta do that. Sometimes you gotta take the mud someone slings at you and turn it into pottery. Make it art. Make it shine. Make it for you rather than against you. Because despite what we believe, we still got a lot of power over what’s going on with us. Even if it’s just our attitude. That’s powerful too.

I’m feeling good. Had a very successful interview yesterday Downtown. Confirmed two clients meetings for tomorrow. Got some great ideas for marketing my notary business I’m going to try out in the next couple of days. So I feel real good. And I hope you feel real good too.

And please don’t just feel good because it’s Friday and it’s the end of the normal work week. I mean, if that’s your reason, I’m not gonna rain on your parade. I’ll leave that to the actual weather. But I would love it if you have a reason today was better beyond the fact it’s Friday.

What is it?

WHEN… it shows

I met with my supervisor and HR person yesterday afternoon to discuss a new position in the company. Same department, different duties. And as they were selling me on this position that had no change in pay, they told me that they thought I was very valuable to the company but that they felt I’d be more suited to this newly created role moreso. My supervisor said she could see that I didn’t loved the job (the one I’m in now). I wanted to tell her that I never loved job. But she didn’t have to. She spoke the words for me. And she was dead on. As she continued talking, I realized something. It showed.

My lack of passion in my 9 to 5 showed to the rest of the world no matter how well I thought I might be hiding it. I can crack jokes, join in the laughter but at the end of the day, I don’t care for this job. I really don’t.

But for my gigs, it’s a different story. I will come into work late, leave early, call out — all of which I have done at one point or another — for a side a hustle. I’m sure experts would say not to do that, but that’s how much more I enjoy doing those hustles. So much so I’d risk my full time hours for a one time or repeat side work. And it shows.

I’ve known for a while that what matters to us as peopel will be shown to us through our actions and beliefs, but I didn’t always think others could see it as well. But when there’s passion in the things we do or want to do, it will show.

And that’s okay. It’s good to know what matters shows. If it matters to others, it will show as well. Do others tell you the same?

This Week’s Goal: Get Caught Up

It’s the end of January. Plus one more day. Whatever. And I’m a little behind with my goals for the month. Well, more than a little behind that I like to admit and if I’m going to have a life changing momentual 2019, I need to get caught up. I got plans, things I’d like to accomplish. And I wrote it all9 down.

For the past year and a half, I’ve been writing my year’s goals down to help better steer me to where I want to go. And I knocked some things off the list but not everything. The goal this time around is to do just that. I want to leave no stone unturned at the end of the year. I want to pour it all out and know I risked all that I could risk to build a better life for myself.

So I’m gonna pull out my personal life business plan, review it, study it, memorize it. And start knocking things off of it left and right. I want to nail living my life. I just don’t want to live my best life, I want to design and build it from the ground up. And that means I gotta get back on track with the things I know I need to get done with this year. Or get on track but the end of February to get it done by year’s end.

Does anyone else keep a list of plan of their goals for year? Are you track so far?

Working 5 to 9: Don’t Forget About You

I am good for this. I will schedule everyone else throughout the week or month but will forget about me. Except for laundry. I always seem to manage to schedule in laundry.

But I do forget about me and what I’m working on. Like projects I have going on that are just for me and not for a client or marketing my part time business. Just some me building time. I really forget to carve out an hour and say I’m gonna to read this only or write that out or whatever it is. I forget not put other people’s tasks above my own all the time. It’s not a sacrificial act, but one of absent mindedness. Forgetting I am just as important to myself as the clients I serve; the people I see and leads I chase down. I’m need to make myself a priority.

It should be easy but I know I’m not the only one who forgets themselves. I’m sure others have done it too. Perhaps we can remind each other to remeber ourselves. Not just what we’re working towards but whom we’re working for. Ourselves! Besides, no ones going to tackle our goals for us but us. So let’s put ourselves on the to-do list.


Where’s Your Motivation: It’s Okay to Be Late

Or behind schedule or running behind… just as long as we don’t stop altogether.

Sometimes being late on something feels like we should stop and quit. “Oh, I couldn’t get this post out on time like I usually have before, so maybe I should stop blogging and forget about it.” Why? Because I was behind schedule? No! That’s never an excuse. Quitting or giving up because of schedule conflicts is not acceptable. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. Here’s an embarrassing example I’ve mentioned before but I’ll relive it for that sake of this post:

Last year I missed a client. That is to say, I was on my way to see a notary client but never made it to him. I take Uber to see my clients and on this occasion I had chosen Uber Express. For those unfamiliar with this option or perhaps Uber in general, this selection has a designated drop off and pick up spot that aren’t usually at your home or your actual address. When I look back, I mentally kick myself in the butt for not just selecting the regular Uber option. I was trying to save money and instead lost a client forever. What happened was that by Uber driver dropped me off near my location, but because I had never been in this area before, I had started walking the wrong way, killing precious time. I called the client to assist me on getting my bearings straight but quickly learned I was much farther than I realized. I tried walking in the direction I believed the client told me to head in while the client kept calling me in the process asking me if I was near his location. I didn’t want to admit that I was walking or had taken an Uber to get to him. And obviously driving would’ve been much faster than me walking in my wedges, but whatever. After walking for a certain amount of time, I came to a bus stop and sat down. And gave up. The client continued to call me and I started ignoring his calls. He left me some not so nice voicemails which were understandable. Not gonna lie. I get where he was coming from. But because I felt so late and behind our appointed schedule and so far away, I quit. I gave up. I stopped trying

Till this day, I regret doing that, but it has taught me some on the simple but valuable businesses lessons:

  • Always show up even when you’re late
  • If you’re late, just own it
  • Don’t nickle and dime yourself out of client. Paying a few pennies more and I wouldn’t have lost this client

We’re not gonna be perfect all the time and people won’t expect us to be. But they will expect us to be there and perform. And sometimes that’s all we need to do in order to be perfect.

Money Matters: The More You Can Save, The More You Can…

Invest in your side hustle. Create and improve your marketing strategies. Take workshops and seminars to add to your skillset. The more you can stow away for rainy days.

In other words, focus on saving and you can do more than you originally planned for yourself and for your side hustle. I remember reading an article a few years back stating that if people wanted to earn more money in their jobs or respective field, they should spend 10% of their monthly take home pay on professional development. Classes, workshops, seminars, whatever it is.

The problem is most of us are spenders, not savers. We pay other people first before we pay ourselves then are left in this paycheck to paycheck cycle. But you can’t do that and be successful. We gotta figure how we can put aside our “mastermind” money so we can be successful and happy. And the more we save, the better our future will be. Whether we turn that side hustle into a business or build our dream home.

But it all stars today. What we’re willing to pur away today to build for tomorrow.