Sometimes You Don’t Win Them All

Today I disappointed a client. A notary client. I was not able to keep my time commitment. And I feel shitty about it.

I called an Uber after Google mapping the client’s location and figuring that 30 minutes should be enough time to go 6.4 miles from where I was. And even when I saw it wasn’t, I sent him a text saying I would be an additional 10-15 minutes late because there was some sort of incident and police were rerouting traffic, causing more traffic. I was taking an Uber Pool Express so, of course, we had other passengers to pick up. However, those said passengers were behind the police yellow tape and we couldn’t to them. After a couple of failed attempts and a crowded 10 East freeway route later, my Uber drive dropped me off 15 minutes in the opposite direction of the client (those were some long ass blocks). Well, never having been to this part of town before, I’m all turned around. I’ve called and texted my would be client and he attempted to help me as he is unsure as to where I am. I’m now on foot trying to find his location. He then texts me that he needs leave by 5pm and asks for an ETA. I have no idea where I am. After trying to figure myself out, I call and send him a text apologizing that I would not be able to make it to see him.

I was late. And lost. And missed an opportunity.

And I feel horrible about that. What made it worse, but that he proceeded to call me and text me for over an hour telling me how upset he was with me. I haven’t listened to his voicemails as of yet, but I feel bad enough.

I failed someone and I don’t like it.

I mean, it took me four hours to write this, that’s how bad I felt. Still feel. Just replaying the latter half of my day in my head wondering what if I left work earlier or just took Uber pool instead of the Express.

Sometimes we don’t win them all and those losses suck.

PTHS: Having an “On Call” Business

Yes, I like the idea of having a part time business that I control and generates income.

Yes, I like being able to control most of the fees in involved in my service (travel fee, rush service, etc.) The state of California dictates how much I can charge per notarization.

And yes, I like that I get the choose when I work… in theory…

See, I call myself a mobile/traveling notary which means I go to my clients when they need my services. Key word: “when“. So as much I may like the idea of controlling my hours, my hours are dependent on when my clients.

As single female who’s hustlin’, I can never forget that my business — or any business — is dependent on the client. No client, no business. Their time, my time. No matter I may be. No matter is I just woke up from what I was calling a nap before. I’m needed then serve.

No excuses.

But, it’s still my time.

One Things Thursdays

I’ve decided to get rid of “Thursday’s Thoughts” Theme for my blog.  I have too many thoughts when it’s not Thursdays and not even enough when the day comes.  Besides,the original idea behind Thursday’s Thoughts was to spark conversation among us lady hustlers, but instead, I’m going to channel the same goal with a twist called:

One Things Thursday

In fact, One Thing Thursday will be goal oriented and the honesty of the achievements and failures of that one thing.  They stay that real success is n’t mastered or conducted all at once, but rather one step, one action at a time.  In my case, it will be just one thing.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I’ve been on a hiatus like no other, I know.   But, hopefully a good one.   I mean, I’ve been working my ass off offline these past couple of months and looking for to what 2018 will make of it.

I took another a short term client that needed a press release which turned in a monstrous feat in itself.  The work was easy, the client wasn’t — it was like walking on hot coals for 12 miles.  Every time I made a change he requested, he asked me why I made the change…  Needless, to say I was overjoyed to get that work up off my plate.

Been job hunting, updating my resume, finishing up work with ongoing work with long term clients before the holidays, writing a business plan for my loan signing business I’ll be launching later this month, virtually collaborating with a long time friend who’s currently in Raleigh, NC.  In a nutshell, I’ve been busy.  And excited.  I love the beginning of the year.  There is so much hope and determination, it’s infectious.

But I don’t do resolutions.  I don’t.

I do commitments.  And I have few professional ones I plan to tackle this year to position me to be more successful in my endeavors than I have ever been before.  And I look forward to sharing those experiences — whatever they may be — all year long!


Probate Paralysis Analysis by Dawn Wiley

One of my side gig clients is a Probate Realtor.   She and I met in June of this year and have been working together every since.  One of the things she told me she wanted to accomplish was a book that she had in mine from her experiences with working with families going through the Probate process and what she’s learned from attorneys, CPAs and court clerks.  Not a pretty process, to say the least.

Well, I’m excited to announce that her vision to write her book finally came to fruition (and I helped, as expected). Her book — after many revisions and cover artists — is available on Amazon.

I’ve the pleasure of reading it (and knowing something about Probate when my Nana died a little of a decade ago) and I will it’s very insightful and it’s an easy.  It’s almost like “Probate for Dummies” in that since it breaks it down in smaller bites of understanding what to expect and what to do when someone you love dies and they didn’t have a Living Trust.

Take a look if you don’t believe:


6x9-Book-Boxset-Small-Spine-Mockup-COVERVAULT 3