Take A Page From Someone Else’s Book

In the words of motivational speaker, Les Brown, “success leaves clues”.

And I believe it. I believe successful people unknowningly left clues to how they became successful. Much of the time it’s persistence and consistent specific actions, but something in the manner of what they did got them to where they are.

And as someone who consistently side hustles, I want to break into the next level of ambitions, so I study the success and clues of others.

Predominantly, women. And one woman in particular, Marie Forleo.

Lately I’ve been listening to her podcast… at work. And I always feel like I end her podcast and little bit confident in what I’m doing even if it hasn’t entirely manifest. She always brings conversation back to creating a life we want to live. Being able to do the kind of work we want to enjoy doing while having as much control over as we desire. And that makes me feel good. Finding successful clues makes me feel good. And when I feel good, I’m able to do more. Like, maintain a level of consistency in efforts that will propel me where I want to be.

I look for successful people to show me to clues they’ve left to help me leap as well.

Whose clues have you found?

Where’s Your Motivation? Don’t Numb Out.

don't numb yourself

Before you click on Nexflix or Hulu, is there else something you could be doing instead?  Writing, reading, brainstorming?  Maybe just making a list of of the things you want to accomplish this week.  An errand list.  It’s so easy to want to kick of your shoes and rewatch “Birdbox” or “Dumpling”, but that’s not going to take you to the next level.  Especially is that’s your regular unwind routine.  Try a glass of red wine and a good book.  Right now, I’m reading “It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be”.

Maybe you don’t want to read.  Fine.  Although, good ideas are sparked from reading.  But, please don’t numb yourself when you get home from a long day.  Use yourself for yourself.