Happy Friday: Pushing Through

The hustle and bustle in DTLA

Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen. And yes, for those of you aware of today’s date, it’s Friday the 13th. But I’ve never been one for superstition. Superstition to me is the equivalent of luck. And to quote Billy Zane from Titanic,”a real man makes his own luck.” In this cass, a real woman makes her own luck.

But let’s talk about how we’re just about halfway through September. Damn! I feel like it was just a few days ago we were talking about making these last four months in 2019 matter and now we’re down three and a half months. Time presses forward whether we’ve made plans or not.

Think about that as we close out the year. The clock is still running. And we might as well have it work with us than against us. So, push through these few months with all you have left. Surprise yourself. Level up. It’s not going to be easy all the time, but it sure is worth it.

Happy Friday: Another Day

Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen. I hope your week had been good to you. I lost a high school classmate and buddy of mine earlier this week and, as you can imagine, have been very introspective as a result. I’ve haven’t been thinking about time as I’vehe aaaawww re many people do. I know time is short, you don’t have to tell me that.

I’ve been thinking about people. And their goals and their lives and what they must going through that we have no clue about. I’ve been thinking about my friend’s family, his mother, his brother, his other friends, did he have life insurance… just practical and impractical things, because we don’t think about these things until they hit close to home. There’s lots of things I have questions about I know I’ll never get the answer to, but it doesn’t make me stop wondering or thinking about it.

Not to spill my melancholy into your weekend, but I do hope that you take some time out and just think about… stuff. People. Places. Things. Your dreams and goals. Your relationships with the people in your life. Just things. While we do have the time, let’s give it the respect it deserves.

Happy Friday: Bye, August

Elle and I have been talking about the next four months of 2019 for the past couple weeks that it’s become sort of a mantra for us. All we’re thinking about is how we’re going to crush our goals in these next four months so we can have an amazing 2020. At the beginning of every year we’re so full of promise and hope. Are expectations are high as well as our energy. But as things divert from the plans we made, our enthusiasm wanes a little, setback set in and we come towards the of the end trying to find that same energy we started with.

So, goodbye August. We really need to spark that fire because I am well overdo for

Happy Friday: Year’s End

Happy Friday, ladies.

We are more than halfway through the month of August and even though the end of the year doesn’t feel quite so upon us, it’s only about four months away. Four months till we start making new resolutions for the coming year. Four months till the holidays start ramping up and we gotta face that same question we pose to ourselves ever year: to be or not to be around our relatives.

But before those four months are here, I hope you take the time to evaluate how you want to end 2019 and what you want from 2020. Soon enough, we’ll be making that decision anyways, but it’s always good to be prepared.

In the meantime, lets enjoy the end of another week. And may the remaining weeks in the year – something like 18 weeks – be both successful and productive for you.


Happy Friday

Just… happy Friday. It seems sometimes we make happiness the be all to end with life events to measure by and big gestures so the whole world knows we’re happy. But, that’s hardly ever the case.

Within a day of one another, two people I consider to be part of my tribe shared with me the personal struggles they’ve been battling in aiming to reach their goals. Family troubles, money troubles, just all of it has been weighing on their hearts and mind. So much so they’ve felt consumed by those thoughts of late.

Not much I could do but remind them to find the things that make them happy that involves no one else but themselves and no money. Just… happy things.

Today, I hope you all do the same. The hustle can feel like a rat race in itself. So find time and things that bring you joy and make you happy.

Happy Friday.

Happy Friday: Onward March

Happy Friday ladies and gents. Yes, gents! I am ecstatic to have you as readers well.

This is the last Friday of the second quarter of the year. Okay, I’m complicating things, I know. Let me say it plainly. After this Friday, we only have six months left in 2019! Whoop, whoop! And I don’t know what your plans are, but I plan to make this the most memorable year to date. I think I’m doing a good job so far.

(Sighs) The only people I’ve kept in touched with from the old job are the field staff team (a few them). I’ve reached out twice to the people I worked with in my old department to meet up and grab lunch with and haven’t heard anything back. I even sent Luis a text about three weeks ago. Nothing. Hmmm. And although a small part of me wanted to brag about how awesome my new job is, I also wanted to be a resource and help them get out of there too. Guess we’ll never know how that would’ve turned out.

I’m keeping marching forward.

Really excited about Saturday and going to the GirlBoss Rally. And I’m gonna post it on my Facebook page and Instagram. Living my best life… thus far!

But… (my thoughts are a little all over the place) with the reality of six months left in the year, I gotta get going. I have more things I’d like to accomplish before in the next 18 months if I plan to step into my dream and be wildly successful, be abundantly wealthy and feel completely fulfilled professionally.

Gotta keep pressing forward.

Happy Friday: Opportunity

Happy Friday, ladies. Happy Friday everyone! Today is going to be wildly successful and I am moving into my goal of becoming successful, abundantly wealthy and completely fulfilled in my life.

This has been a very long week, but don’t we say that about all the weeks? Ha! This week feels especially long because of the opportunities that presented themselves to me as well as the things I still need to get accomplished. But all in all, it has felt like an amazing week.

I met up with Ms. Renee this past Wednesday in Downtown Los Angeles to learn that she would like to employ my services for a self publishing project she’s working on. In addition, Elle told me she refered me to a friend of hers in North Carolina who’s working on a product launch and her friend wants to hire my services for her content needs when marketing and delivering her message to the public. So… yea… loving it!

All lot going on, but I just need to start cracking down on my time management so I can get all these projects done and completed and take in new and exciting work like what I’ve been presented with.

The opportunities are there. We just can’t stop working or we’ll lose our momentum and traction. Let’s be real, your goals aren’t going to complete themselves!

Happy Friday: Transformative Experiences

I just successfully had my first big event at my “new” job. And I was told horror stories of how it was in the past and the expectations of what it could be. But none of that saw light. Not a single moment or horror or crazy mishap transpired and I am thrilled that everything went so smoothly. But, more importantly, that I’ve had this experience. Both, professionally and personally.

This event, which had been in the making before my joining the organization, seemed to be the very backbone of all our fundraising events. But there was prep. Lots and lots of prep. And that’s what made everything work and come together so easily.

And that’s an amazing feeling. Perhaps not one I feel often, or hadn’t felt often enough in my previous employment roles, so it’s still strange and new to me. But, it does feel incredible despite it also being alien. And I’m just taking mental notes. Of what this feels like, looks like and becomes. So when the time comes for me to have amazing transformative experiences, I know what to expect.

We’re half way through June ladies, which means we’re just about halfway through the year. And I wish that each and every one of you has an amazing transformative experience – if you haven’t had one already, or get the chance to experience another one — where everything just seems to come together so naturally.

Happy Friday.

Happy Friday: It’s About Community

Happy freaking Friday, ladies. I had the esteemed pleasure of attending a GirlBoss community event yesterday evening at their Headquarters in Silverlake. I met some really funny and passionate women doing some big things in LA. And I got to meet Sophia Amoruso herself.Quickly, she’s the author of the book GirlBoss, which is the name of her current company. Her book was turned into a Netflix series, which is still available on Netflix if you want to watch it. And she started the clothing line Nasty Gal. And she/the company is hosting a highly anticipated rally later this month.Now, that we caught up, it was an amazing event as far as energy goes. And what I mean by that was the types of women who were present. Some came to learn (like, Ms. LeAnn, former social worker looking to start her own business), some came to share (Ms. Melissa, who currently is working on a digital platform called the Phoenix project), some came to network (Mrs. Lindsay, who’s based out of Fullerton but has a company called Emblem), but of all us came for the community.I think it was very on the nose when Sophia started the event with an African proverb:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

And that pretty much set the tone and the agenda for the evening. People (as there were men there too, because anyone can be an ally) broke off into groups to talk and get to learn about one another. And although we were given a topic to discuss when we broke off into groups, I don’t think a single group I was in (I was jumping into a few groups and I loved it) stayed on topic. But in a good way. We were there to build a community among ourselves and so we did. And that’s what we women of all walks of life need.Community.

Happy Friday: The Theatrics of It All

Doesn’t it always feel like short weeks are just as long as regular weeks? It’s like losing a day didn’t make a difference in the workload, but only in the moment of not being at work. But regardless of that illusion of a feeling, the week’s end is here. And it couldn’t have arrived any sooner.

It’s been weird on the job since my direct manager gave her 30 day notice. She and the director have barely been speaking and I’ve bern feeling like the child caught up in a custody battle. But, it is what it is.

However, the best advice I received regarding this change was not to get caught up in the theatrics of it all. And definitely don’t let it derail my bigger plans. So that will be the goal until I too am ready to vacate my role.

Stay on task and do not get distracted.