Happy Friday: A Trying Week

It’s been a very trying week. My job happens to be a third party agency that works with LAUSD schools and in light of UTLA strike, what has been an already unfavorable job has been made much more unappealing. Don’t get me wrong, I support the teachers. They should get what they deserve by whatever means necessary and I’m speaking as a product of the LAUSD system. So, strike on teachers, strike on.

But everything that feels problematic also has its rewards. Directly, indirectly, miles apart.

I’ll be seeing a repeat client this Sunday afternoon. Meeting another client next Friday after work. Staying on the grind, always hustlin’. And as trying as it’s been this week, I’m gonna keep digging until I find my treasure. I’m getting close. I know I am.

How ’bout you? How’s your week been?

Happy Friday: Looking Forward

I love starting Fridays off with a “Happy Friday”. For me, I work seven days a week and that’s including for myself. But on Friday, my rat race comes to a close for the week. No boss, no coworkers, no office with artificial light and constant air conditioning. “Happy Friday” I get to break from all that.

But it also means I get to look forward towards something. And not just the weekend. But real plans, real social engagements with friend offline. I get to take back my life and steer to where I want it to be.

I look forward to Fridays because Fridays have me looking forward. To the bigger things and possibilities.

Do you “happy Friday”?

Happy Friday: Reflection

I think one of the best phrases I hear all week is “Happy Friday”. When I say it at the office, it’s my way if acknowledging the break I’m getting away from a job and a group of people I don’t enjoy being around.

But when I share it among my tribe, it’s about reflecting on the week that just past. What happened, what’s happening, the good news, the let downs, all of it. It’s a time close that week’s chapter while reflecting the progress and plans of the coming weeks and months.

So, yes. It’s the freakin’, go and have you so fun. But pat yourself on the back or pick yourself up if you need to.

Happy Friday, my hustlers.

Happy Friday: New Chapter

There is something about closing out a month that makes me feel like I’ve just finished a chapter in a book and am about to start another.

This last week alone has been a rollercoaster for me. Had an interview for job prospect in Beverly Hills. Disappointed a client. Have a referral to another client. Finished a short project for a client I’ve had for over five years. Just a lot taking place. A lot of it good. Some of it not.

Just hoping September and the rest of the year bring 10 times the amount of good I’ve experienced all year long.

To my fellow hustlers, Happy Friday. And may the next new chapter we start be exponentially rewarding.

Happy Friday: Betting on Myself

This week, I’ve felt like I’ve been battling my own sanity. And those damn why questions can keep one up so late at night.

Why isn’t my marketing working?

Why don’t I have more clients?

Why does this momentum take so long to build up?

Why do I feel like I’m never doing enough to make what I want happen?

And the juggling act never helps. Family living with me, full time job, part time business, just self published a book, part time gigs. I mean, a girl lady can start to feel overwhelmed if this keeps up. And I think I was beginning to feel that.

But, I took out one my handy journals — I have a few — and as I plotted what I needed to do to get from where I am to where I want to be, I also included my reasons. Again. Sometimes I need to remind myself what all this is for. Why I pushmyself, why I keep reinventing myself and elements in my life to best fit the long term goal. I needed to remind myself why it is I am betting on myself. Why I know I’m going to make it. Because I am. One way or another. I need get over the “how” and focus on the “will”.

It will happen.

And it will happen for you too, my hustlers. We have our reasons for the hustle, but more importantly, we have our why.

So, Happy Friday to my fellow hustlers. And if you need a little reminder, always bet on yourself!

Happy Friday: Steady Work

As much as I wanted success to happen for me instaneously, I’m actually happy that I’m going along the way I am.

What do I mean by that? It’s my firm belief that success is given to us when we are ready for it. And while working towards it, we’re gearing up for it. Positioning ourselves for that moment. For me, all this time I still manage to have steady work with clients outside of my 9-5. Whether they’re repeat clients or new to me, somehow I still get work every month. And I love that. I really do. I love staying busy providing a service or working on the business. It makes me feel like I’m getting closer to the goal.

So wherever we may be in the stage of our hustle — launching, rebranding, or growing — it’s always.good to still have work coming in. A small reminder that we’re doing something right.

Happy Friday, my fellow hustlers!

Happy Friday: Knowing My Own Strength


Oh, man. I look forward to each and every Friday from the last Friday. And that’s the gospel truth.

This particular week has been relatively frustrating for me as I am feeling a bit “stuck”. I’ve had a number of interviews over the phone and in person, but no call backs for a second interview or a job offer and I’m… frustrated. I really hate the place I work at. It is soul draining. And I’m trying to get out of here and keep my head straight while pursuing other avenues that allow me to earn and be creative. But it’s not enough. I spend 40 hours here and ever hour feels like I’ve shorten my life by a day. It feels that bad.

But somehow I manage to fall out of bed, get dressed and come to work. Wanting, every day, to call out. Wanting a windfall of money to come my way so I can quit on the spot. Wanting anything but to be at this place.

So this morning I wake up to a text from one of my dearest and nearest, Elle, who sends me this beautiful message of how thankful she is for me helping her with an idea that she’s launching called J.U.N.K. Food. It’s about helping people who are interested in incorporating more plant based food into their diets to promote a healthier lifestyle. She sent me this long beautiful text about how all the women at her gym loved the idea and they can’t wait for it to fully form and follow the development of its concept.

And that made me feel good. Real good. Through my own troubles, I can be of service and benefit to someone else. I have strength even when it feels like I don’t.

So, I hope that all my hustlers out there who are also finding their own strength even when shit is not going according to plan. Keep hustling.

Happy Friday: Getting Back to Me

Happy Friday, my fellow hustlers!

And a wonderful Friday it’s going to be. Because I’ve decided to stop doing overtime at my job and start focusing on more on my side hustling and business ventures. Getting back to ME, ME, ME!

Yes, the overtime was nice when it wasn’t all being eaten by Uncle Sam, but those hours I was giving away to someone else’s business, I’m taking back and focusing them on me and mine. Putting more time into building the professional path I want for myself, and not one I have to ask or beg for.

My time. My dreams. My goals.

Anyone else deciding to focus more on their aspiration rather than circumstances?

Happy Friday: Going Beyond

Happy, happy Friday my fellow hustlers.

It’s going to be a glorious day today because for many, this is the end of the work week! And if it’s not, your end of the work week is coming!

But back to me…

I am happy this Friday because earlier this week, I got a new notary client who needed several personal documents notarized for identification purposes and as a result, she put me over the target amount I wanted to earned this month for my business, my hustle. Meeting my target was great when I hit it. Going beyond it, feels better. It’s a remonder to me that, yes, I can achieve whatever I want and I can do better than I expected. Hell, we all can.

So who out there is going beyond their targets and goals with me?

I know I’m not the only happy Hustler out there today!

Happy Fridays: Hitting Targets

Happy, happy Friday, my fellow hustlers. I tell my coworkers all the time, “I was looking forward to this Friday since last Friday!”

But I mean it when I say it.

And this Friday I’m particularly happy for… having met a financial target goal for the month!!! Whoooo! Seriously. I’ve set target money goals before and I’ve always struggled to meet them. And it’s taken a while for me to set a plan and a strategy in place and now that I’ve got one going I’m happy with the result.

And that meant adjusting my target goal to a more reasonable number that didn’t feel daunting or disappointing when I didn’t hit it. And there’s almost 2 weeks left in the month, and I’m wondering how much more can I push it.

I think I can push it and I think I should.

Wishing much success for many of you to hit your targets for the week or the month. And if you haven’t, I hope you’re on track!

Happy Friday.