Happy Friday: Getting Up From Being Down

Good Morning, good morning, good morning.

I don’t know about you, but March has been kicking my a**! Oh, my goodness. It seems like right when I plan to get everything back on track, here comes something to run over me and knock me down again.

Most recently…a damn cold. Like I really had time for this. I had plans. I had a new client to meet, I had people in my network to meet up with… hell, I had Female, Single + Hustlin’ to keep up with and struggled to do so. I don’t have time for a cold and to be bedridden.

My February was rockin’. I accepted a new job at another company, put my one week notice in, took my birthday off to play in Palm Springs, started said new job, they flew me to New York to meet the headquarter team. Got to catch up with family while I was there. All in all, February was astounding. But, March… March is tearin’ up my behind. With no relief in sight.

Like with every other challenge I’ve had to face, I just got get back on the horse and giddy up to the pace I was riding at. Or maybe my cold is my body’s way of telling me I need to take better care of myself while I work and hustle so I have fewer of these moments.

My girl, Elle, would know…

Happy Friday: Feelin’ Good

Happy, happy Friday.

And happy Women’s month and International Women’s Day. I wanted to give a little nod to the women who have come before us, the women who are crushing it now and the women and will be breaking all kinds of barriers in the future.

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling good! Yes, ma’am, I am! And not because of the weekend because I’ll be working Saturday. Just because. I’m in a really good place right now I want keep up this feeling and I want it to grow. Most importantly, I want to harness it to the best of my ability without being consumed by obligations and to-do lists. But regardless of all that, I feel good, I feel real good.

And… I’m happy to announce a new contributing writer to the Female, Single and Hustlin’ family. She’s my dearest and bestest friend. I’ve known her since high school. We’ve reconnected after college and been on this entrepreneurial spirit journey for ages, it seems. Her name is Elle. She’s going to be sharing a little bit about her latest business venture that deals with wellness. And hopefully help us hustlers find a better way to take care of ourselves while we’re on the grind.

You’ll be hearing from her every Friday. Please show her some love, as we should support every hustler and aspiring entrepreneur here!

Happy Friday: Working On It

Happy happy Friday, everyone!

I hope your February is going swimmingly this far. As for me, hell yes!! Today, I start my new job in Downtown L.A. Happy to be starting this next chapter of my career. Super excited about it. Nervous as well. But I figure if I wasn’t nervous about my new job and doing a job, then this transition wouldn’t be a good next step.

But it is. And I feel it’s going to help me with so many other things I want to accomplish professionally in the coming years. I’m just going to absorb as much as I can and take it all in.

I’ll still be hustlin’, I’ll still be grinding and taking on gigs here and there as it fits in my schedule. Nothing on that front changes. And it shouldn’t. Lots of times when we start making more money and get a promotion or move up in some way, we begin to push ourselves less and rest on our laurels thinking we’ve already proven to world what we can do. We plateau. I never want to plateau. I never want to be done. If I’m done, then I need to be dead. And if I’m dead, then I’m empty. I have finished everything I set to do, living every dream I wanted to live and have nothing else to give.

But, no. So faaaarrrr from that. Right now I’m it working it to work to where I want to be. As I know we all. Me, I’m still just working on it.

Happy Friday: Next Chapter

I started this site with the frustration of being under employed and overworked, upset with my current employment situation and exploring my options via side hustlin’.

After a couple of years of job hunting I finally landed a better paying job with better benefits and a more manageable schedule, while still working on solidifying and establishing my part time business.

I feel… like a load has been lifted off my back. So thrilled, so relieved….so open to better possibilities. I feel like I’m stepping into the next chapter of my life and it looks so much better than the chapters I’ve left behind.

Will I still side hustle? Hell, yeah!! Not for the financial necessity but rather the joy, the adventure of it and the professional growth of it all.

My next chapter is going up.

Happy Friday: Just Under the Surface

Happ happy Friday! Yes, it’s the freakin’ weekend and I got mad plans going down for February.

Next Tuesday is my birthday and I’ll be turning the big 3-4. Momentous, but I think that of every birthday every year. I’m taking the day off to enjoy myself and the company I’ll be with. I’ll be in Palms Springs for the better part of the day, which is nice. This Saturday I will be shooting my dearest friend, Elissa, at her place for her book promo. She’s dropping a plant based recipe book this June for Newbies, like myself. A must get if you want to incorporate a healthier lifestyle this year.

I’ll be attending a women’s writing workshop this Sunday in the Leimert Park area. Very excited about it since it’s turned into a wait list event, so I’m glad I got in early.

Next Saturday I’ll be hosting my second Discount Notary Day for the year at a new Starbucks location off of La Cienga and Jefferson. Notarizations are $10 that day.

And I am anxiously but patiently waiting to hear back from a job I am hoping to get. I had two successful interviews with over the course of these last two weeks. Been looking at resignation letter examples today. Found the perfect one. It’s one sentence long. Which is the sentiment for where I’m at with my current job and company.

So, yeah, happy freakin’ Friday!!!

Happy Friday: Feelin’ Good

Happy Friday, ladies (and my gents too who visit and read. I see you and I thank you!)

We are now in February, my birthday month. Just throwing it out there in case you wanted to get me a gift. I like wine. Any sort. But if you want to get me something special though, San Antonio Winery has this great La Quinta Port Syrah. De-lish. Just sayin’.

Aside from it being my birthday month, it’s going to be a beautiful month regardless. I’m declaring it now. I had some changes take place for me this month, but I am spinning them on their head to make them advantageous for me and my goals rather than what the original designer created those changes for. And sometimes you gotta do that. Sometimes you gotta take the mud someone slings at you and turn it into pottery. Make it art. Make it shine. Make it for you rather than against you. Because despite what we believe, we still got a lot of power over what’s going on with us. Even if it’s just our attitude. That’s powerful too.

I’m feeling good. Had a very successful interview yesterday Downtown. Confirmed two clients meetings for tomorrow. Got some great ideas for marketing my notary business I’m going to try out in the next couple of days. So I feel real good. And I hope you feel real good too.

And please don’t just feel good because it’s Friday and it’s the end of the normal work week. I mean, if that’s your reason, I’m not gonna rain on your parade. I’ll leave that to the actual weather. But I would love it if you have a reason today was better beyond the fact it’s Friday.

What is it?

Happy Friday: A Change is Going to Come

It’s been a very trying week. I was gonna to say it’s been a pretty decent week, but nah! The LAUSD strike directly affected my work and having teachers and students out was a gripping reality to the company I plan on departing shortly. In addition to that, my boss had made some changes within my department that everyone seems to be griping about. But, to me it’s just more of the same. One of the recruiters in the office asked me yesterday how long I’ve been with the company and I nearly choked when I had to say 4 and 1/2 years. Really. I was not proud or happy to share that information. I was embarrassed, but she had no idea how much I hate my job and how long I’ve been looking for something else.

But with all that being said, I do feel a change in the winds, something on the horizon. A new better-paying better-environment job? Well, I am well overdue for one those. But, I feel like there’s a positive life change headed my way and I am standing arms wide waiting to accept it.

Yes, I hope it’s a new job. I also hope it’s an increase in business and more opportunities coming my way. But whatever it is, I feel like a change needs to come. How ’bout you?

Happy Friday: A Trying Week

It’s been a very trying week. My job happens to be a third party agency that works with LAUSD schools and in light of UTLA strike, what has been an already unfavorable job has been made much more unappealing. Don’t get me wrong, I support the teachers. They should get what they deserve by whatever means necessary and I’m speaking as a product of the LAUSD system. So, strike on teachers, strike on.

But everything that feels problematic also has its rewards. Directly, indirectly, miles apart.

I’ll be seeing a repeat client this Sunday afternoon. Meeting another client next Friday after work. Staying on the grind, always hustlin’. And as trying as it’s been this week, I’m gonna keep digging until I find my treasure. I’m getting close. I know I am.

How ’bout you? How’s your week been?

Happy Friday: Looking Forward

I love starting Fridays off with a “Happy Friday”. For me, I work seven days a week and that’s including for myself. But on Friday, my rat race comes to a close for the week. No boss, no coworkers, no office with artificial light and constant air conditioning. “Happy Friday” I get to break from all that.

But it also means I get to look forward towards something. And not just the weekend. But real plans, real social engagements with friend offline. I get to take back my life and steer to where I want it to be.

I look forward to Fridays because Fridays have me looking forward. To the bigger things and possibilities.

Do you “happy Friday”?

Happy Friday: Reflection

I think one of the best phrases I hear all week is “Happy Friday”. When I say it at the office, it’s my way if acknowledging the break I’m getting away from a job and a group of people I don’t enjoy being around.

But when I share it among my tribe, it’s about reflecting on the week that just past. What happened, what’s happening, the good news, the let downs, all of it. It’s a time close that week’s chapter while reflecting the progress and plans of the coming weeks and months.

So, yes. It’s the freakin’, go and have you so fun. But pat yourself on the back or pick yourself up if you need to.

Happy Friday, my hustlers.