Living In Our New Norm

Coming Up for Air

Good morning, good morning, good morning!

I’ve been M.I.A. for a while as, I too, have been digesting this weird alternate reality we’re all living in. It’s so strange to be living during a world pandemic and trying to understand what that means. And I’ve meaning to jump on here and share some things with you but didn’t know really what to say.

Definitely didn’t want to be another person sharing false information. No matter how much I read or watched, I will never have all the facts the officials have. So, I figured I’d do my part and stay indoors and hope 30 days comes and goes pretty quickly. I had plans for 2020 and it’s not off to a great start.

I wanted to check in with you as well and see how you’re holding up. I know not everyone relishes the idea of staying home all day long. Not everyone’s home life is pleasant for them to want to stay home so this can be a very stressful time for some. And staying home for a lot of people means lossing out on money.

Now, I’m very fortunate to still have full time employment that also allows me to work from home. I would hate to be commuting back and forth and further expose my health. And in  the light of everything, it does seem that having a job right now is better than being a freelancer or an independent contractor. But not really. Many — like thousands – of people have been laid off because their companies were not essential and had to shut down. So even having a job doesn’t protect you from a global event such as the one we’re experiencing.

Being a hustler and a freelancer gives us a chance to be more creative now than ever. We have to look at this horrible situation and think what good can come from it and what good can we do. Definitely think about what good you can do. Too many people already out there price gouging and hording that we don’t need to add to the problem.

So… in this time of uncertainty, I hope we can all lean on one another for support but also look within ourselves and see how we can rise to the occasion. And if you want to talk, let’s talk.

Stay indoors if can and be safe!

The Kobe + Helicopter Tragedy

R.I.P Kobe

I really didn’t want to talk about this. I’ve been intentionally staying away from most media outlets because the tragedy that ended Kobe’s life along with 8 others, including his own daughter is… heartbreaking. And the deeper you peel back this untimely loss, it will rack your brain with questions that will never be answered, thoughts impossible to imagine and an ache that is hard to heal.

I don’t how to describe to someone who doesn’t live in Los Angeles what the general mood is in our city is right now. Literally, as a city, we are mourning. We mourn monuments and monumental moments, this is no exception. To lose that many people, that many family members together is unimaginable. As big of a star as Kobe was, this moment feels 10 times larger and hurts just as much.

For me, it reminds me when a friend of mine died last September. He was 34. Young life lost is hard for me to process. I immediately think of everything that person will never have or experience because of how young they died. I thought about the same thing when I learned that Kobe’s second oldest daughter was with him in the crash. She’ll never graduate high school. She’ll never go to prom. She’ll never read her college acceptance letters. She’ll never have a boyfriend. She’ll never be proposed to. She’ll never get married and have kids of her own (if that’s what she wanted). And the same goes to her school friend who was with them. All these “nevers”.

I don’t know how to express what it feels like to be L.A. right now with this loss. We may not have known him personally, but he represented so much of what the L.A. spirit is, it feels like we lost someone close to us. Wherever you were when you heard this news, I hoped you had a chance to reach out to loved ones and remind them how much they mean to you.

“Real” Wednesdays: Power Up, Single Ladies

Single Women Working Power

Hey, hey, hey ladies… have you heard the news? Single ladies have the power! Wait, let me back up.

(Photo Credit:

CNN posted an article back in August of last year (I love saying “last year”) that single working women made up 41% of the buying power in 2019 and by 2030, we will make up 45% of that purchasing power. Making us a huge consumer player in that domestic and global businesses with have to cater to ina more intimate-feed-our-needs kind of way.

And as women earning more and creating our own additional income streams, it’s important to know how companies will respond to addressing the needs of single working women.

For more on that article, check it out at:

Is Your Job Killing You? (BDO Article)


That’s my answer. I don’t think people hate their jobs because it’s a job. I think there’s something about the job we hate (I believe) that makes going to work such a pain. This article from shares the correlation between the frequency of heart attacks and the (work) day of week and that we feel about our jobs is taking a toll on our overall health: