Spirit of Finance Workshop

Finance, Finance, Finance!

I really do consider myself a student of the things that I am passionate about and one of those things are obviously money and finance. How to better manage it, how to make more of it and how to create savings nest eggs so I can be well protected from… well, hell, life.

I discovered this workshop through a newsletter I was sent via email.  I actually invited a colleague as well who unfortunately couldn’t make but I still soldiered on as I want to learn all and more that I can about improving my finances.

What are you passionate about that you’re wiling g to spend a few hours on a Sunday learning?

“Real” Wednesday: In The Beginning

Getting It Off The Ground

When I went for my notary commission, I spent over $300. This was for the two classes, one for the notary commission and the other for the signing agent training. Then the exam. Then the filing of my notary completion, and paying for the bond and the $25,000 policy insurance I took out to later cover my ass as a working notary public. And I went got my first notary client, I was super nervous, super unsure and super slack about it.

I charged the client $25. $15 for the actual notary service and $10 for the travel fee. And he was my only client for about 3 or 4 months. I didn’t know how anything about marketing myself as a notary. I was new, I was definitely still wet behind the ears and I didn’t want any of my clients to know they would be my first clients as I got the hang of notarizing documents.

I later invested in a business website, business cards and paid marketing on social media and Craigslist. It took some time in 2018, but I was finally able to make the money back I spent in 2017 on getting my commission. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t have waited so long to market myself or felt so insecure in something I spent 20 hours getting trained for. Hello!

The reality is that hustling or having a hustle sounds easier than what it is. But it requires a lot of investment and time into yourself. And if you’re not willing to commit to yourself, it’ll be that much harder to commit to a hustle.

She Supports: Me!!

I don’t know who needs to hear this (everyone who wants to have a hustle), but you need to pick up a copy – digital or in print – of my newest book, The Singl Woman’s Guide to Side Hustling.

Some of the positive feedback I’ve gotten is that it’s an easy read. It’s easy to follow and explains everything clearly.

And you find the book on Amazon!

The Girlboss Rally Event

I just spent the most amazing day “at work” attending the Girlboss Rally Event. It was the best empowering women’s conference I have ever attended. There were workshops, speakers, networking opportunities, lunch (my fave!), book signings, chill time and just an amazing group of women and energy throughout the entire day.

I am a little spent. After all, I did work. But I enjoyed every minute of today!

Inside the Hustle: Unknown Opportunities

I am out here hustlin’, literally. So things have really been evolving for me since I got back to NC. Not only did I start my meal prepping business (which I’ll talk about another time), but I had the opportunity to shoot a campaign for the Just In Case On the Go Bag!

I had so much fun and of course the perks of modeling and representing a company are the best. All this came about because I stay authentic to who I am and my energy attracts the necessary people in my life. Not to mention, my great sense of style; wink wink.

The take away from this is, to be who you are and treat people with kindness. Be authentic and never switch it up to blend in. Stand out and the opportunities will come.



Find Your Interests

I don’t expect to succeed at everything I attempt, but I do believe in attempting everything I want to do. So I took some time out of my day and went to a tax lien investor seminar in Pasadena. At the last minute, I had a guest join me, which made it more fun to attend.

I make myself do/try something of interest to me and is pushed me outside of my comfort zone as often as I can. Ideally, once a month, but I will take the opportunity whenever it presents itself.

So, my fellow hustlers, what are your interests and how do you push yourself to do more, learn more and succeed at more?

Presenting to the guests how to make passive income with taking liens investment

Real Estate Tax Lien Seminar

Getting seated before the event starts

Where the REW held their tax lien event Sun. Sept. 9th

Volunteer Time: #DesignYourLA

I’m here at the Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Regional Branch Library getting ready to participate in the #DesignYourLA community event sponsored in part by the City of Los Angeles.

I signed up for this event when I met a woman at my last volunteer activity in which she asked me to be a part if this project. After learning she was working with the city, I said yes, because how cool would that be. Rhe project is centered around making Los Angeles a more tech savvy city in attempts in really integrate the communities who have less access to technology as a whole.

I’ll keep you updated!

Updates: (Please describe one or two problems or situations that affect your daily experience in LA – questions being asked)

Professional Development

I am a big believer in professional development. I actually spent of all of 2015 focusing on that, more specifically Marketing. Much to my surprise, my current employer thought nothing of it, but that hasn’t slowed me down one bit!

I’m currently sitting in my Bookkeeping/ Accounting Concepts and Analysis class. This stuff is a bit over my head, but I’m going to stick it out and single hustlin’ female do not give up or given.

Commitment #1 This Year: Read More

I think I read three and half books last year.  Yeah, I’m still working on the other half.  And although that’s more books than most of the people I know have read — that just means I need to find some more readin’ folks in my life — it wasn’t enough to make any changes to my overall well being, professional development or personal understanding.  Les Brown, a motivation speaker, says, if you want to become an expert in your career (and build wealth), you can do so by reading more.  How much more?  He suggest reading one book a month (21:50 min. mark).

I would love to do that.  But — I’m going to aim a little lower.  I’m going to read one book every two months.  It’ll double where I was last year and will hopefully provide me with more resources to grow the projects I’m working on.  I know, I probably should aim for one book a month, but in all seriousness, books cost money and take up space.  And I don’t like to borrow from the library because you can’t highlight or underline anything; the book isn’t yours and they rarely have what I’m looking for so I have to wait to till request it from another Branch.  Buying my books has been a better bet for me.   Plus, I like to hold onto my books and reread them later.Little Red Sales Book

So, I’m going to try to read six books this year, starting off with Jeffrey Gitomer’“Little Red Book of Selling”.  I’m not in sales, but really I am.  I think we all.  Whether we’re pounding the pavement sending out our resume or asking for a raise or pitching to a freelance client, we’re selling, if nothing else, ourselves.  What better way to learn how to better sell ourselves to read and study it?

Now I do have four new (new to me) books that I’ve carefully selected and ordered for this commitment I knew I wanted to take on this year.  So, I amped up about it.  Gitomer’s book looks like an easy read, so there’s a very good chance I will be done with it in a month’s time.

Wish me luck!




Side Note: Books do cost money, but I’ve been buying all books from Thriftbooks.com because they offer heavily discounted books that have been previously used/read and most of the time, you can’t tell if the have been used before.  If you’re interested, feel free to use my referral code:


The link above offers a 15% discount on already discounted books and if spend $10 or more, free shipping (some of my favorite words!)