Save More Money

Save more money

No, you don’t need a $1,000 to start saving. Five dollars will do just fine. But save. And regularly. Saving is one element of building wealth and creating more income. Saving allows you to create a security net that doesn’t require you to borrow money from family and friends and definitely not a payday loan place.

You become your own ATM. You become your own bank. But in order you need to start saving. And monthly. And yeah, it could be that five dollars you have extra. Put it in the bank. Don’t touch it. Add to it. Keep working. Keeping adding to it. Watch it grow.

And if you, save more. That’s always the goal. The more you save, the more secure you’ll position yourself in case of an emergency. Or… an opportunity.

Save. Try to save more. Make it a habit.

Divvying That Tax Refund

Don’t let your tax refund burn a whole in your pocket

We’re going to bypass that whole conversation about tax refunds really being money we all gave the government and now they’re giving it back to us without interest.  Got it. Received.  Heard.

But the truth is that people still enjoy receiving a tax refund.  Why?  A large sume of money that’s outside of our regular paycheck. It’s like winning a weak version of the lotto.  But with this money comes great responsibility.   Like…saving, investing and paying off debt.  All of which should be done if we have a sizeable tax refund coming our way.  The more we can put away for our retirement, a lofty goal or towards debt, the happier and prepared we’ll be.  And side hustlers aren’t excluding from this practice.  Because we’re constantly creating income streams, and much of the time it’s inconsistent, we have to be more mindful of how much we put away for a rainy day and any debt we’re trying to conquer.

I’m still playing around with the numbers for how I want to divvy of the money, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be saving $1,700-$2,000 of my refund which is 2/3 of what I’m getting back. The rest will go to paying some of my student losn debt and I’m considering investing as well. I’ll keep you updated with this plan. Do you have yours?

Spirit of Finance Workshop

Finance, Finance, Finance!

I really do consider myself a student of the things that I am passionate about and one of those things are obviously money and finance. How to better manage it, how to make more of it and how to create savings nest eggs so I can be well protected from… well, hell, life.

I discovered this workshop through a newsletter I was sent via email.  I actually invited a colleague as well who unfortunately couldn’t make but I still soldiered on as I want to learn all and more that I can about improving my finances.

What are you passionate about that you’re wiling g to spend a few hours on a Sunday learning?

First Money Move of 2020: Saving

Make Money Moves

Happy 20-20! I am pumped about this new year. Partially because I took way too much time off last year (from the blog) to really think about my time, my efforts and what I want to do and what kind of impression I want to leave on this little blue-green planet and how much more money I wanted to make!!! Hello!

Truth be told, in order to make more money you first have to begin saving more money. Listen, if you spend every extra dollar you earn, it would start to feel like you’re not earning any extra money. Why? Because you’re not seeing it. There’s no proof it was ever in your hands at one point. Oh, yeah, you may have paid off a bill or two. But bills gotta get paid regardless. So if your 9 to 5 isn’t cutting it in the bill paying department, we gotta to get you a new 9 to 5.

But, yes. Saving should be one of the first commitments you make to yourself this new year. And if you’re already saving, save a little more. And make that a commitment every new year. Each new year save an extra $25 a month. Is $25 extra too much to pull? Okay, fine. Then add an extra $5 or $10 to what you’re already saving. Think of it as money you’ll have later versus money you’ll never have again because you spent it on something stupid or you Postmated when you could have easily cooked yourself a meal.

This year, let’s start off when either saving or saving more. We’ll get to spending less later. I promise.

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