Money Tip: Challenge & Reward

Give yourself a financial challenge to aim for a period time, then reward yourself if you hit the mark.  For instance, if you typically eat out often (I've been guilty of this before), challenge yourself to go one month without eating out.  No take out, no delivery, no dine in, nada.  Cook and eat at... Continue Reading →

Money Tip: Advertise for Free

Both rookies and veterans in the throes of side hustlin' and freelancing can benefit from advertise their services or products for free.  Seriously. Yes, I've heard it say before -- several times -- 'in order to make money, you've got to spend money'. But if you ain't got no money to spend, then... um, how... Continue Reading →

Money Tip: Keep Hunting

Happy President's Day... to all those lucky souls who have this day off.   Not me and my coworkers. Or a few friends of mine. But since we're talkin' dead presidents, let's talk about how keep more of them in our wallet. One money mistake that people make and I know I've made is they stop... Continue Reading →

Money Tip: Budget Eating Out

I huge advocate for eating at home.  And if for no other reasons than your bottom line and your waistline.  Eating at home saves money and worry.  Never once do I have to worry if I unknowingly pissed off the waiter asking him to take back my food.  And dinner can easily be served as... Continue Reading →

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