She Supports: Tracy Beck of Risque Assessories

For the month of September, I am showing my support to the wonderful and creative Tracy Beck.  Not only is she a friend of the family, but she’s also the designer of these beautiful bracelets you see above. But it’s not just bracelets and other jewelry she designs, but clothing, handbags and as her name suggests, other accessories.

She’s been designing jewelry for quite some time now and I’m always amazed to see what she comes up with next. I think her pieces are stunning. I, myself, have purchased five bracelets from her and plan to make a few more purchases this year. To see more of her work, you can check her out on Instagram and Facebook @RisqueAssessories.

She Supports: Elle & J.U.N.K. Food

Once again, I want to shout out my dearest Elle for hard work in sharing her journey in creating a healthier lifestyle through plant based consumption. In her 2nd published book, her first about plant based eating, Elle talks about the importance of eating and why eating raw, clean and unprocessed foods is more than a diet, but rather a pledge to one’s overall well-being.

In this easy read, my girl Elle, explains the pros to eating more foods directly from the earth. We all remember the four groups. In Elle’s J.U.N.K. 101, she dispels that myth. With supporting evidence. And her next book which will be released later this year provide readers the recipe to share the journey with her.

I’m not plant based myself (yet), but I have many of her dishes and I can vouch that what she prepares is delish and worth making the switch over the eating more plants.

So… go ahead and Google her book. You’ll find it on Amazon. If you’re unsure, I included a picture of it right above. Let’s show Elle some love.

She Supports: Elle, of EAT J.U.N.K

My nearest and dearest, Elle, has her 3rd book coming out later this year that will be focusing on eating a more plant based diet to make radical health changes to your life. She’s been on this journey for almost two years – maybe a little longer – reading, researching and zoning in on foods that are not processed, more nutrient dense and are just as filling as any other meal we would have.

Her latest book has been released just yet, but you can follow her on Instagram @mylifebeingelle and tune into her Instagram videos and stories about how she combines a plant based diet with rigorous work out plans, eating by an 80/20 rule and intermittent fasting.

Yes, I support my girl Elle!

She Supports: Me!!! (Michelle)

I wanted to try something different in July and moving forward. I wanted to really start highlighting hustling ladies and their ventures to better give them their due justice. This is such a great time to be a woman on the move and I really want to help capture what myself and other hustling ladies are doing so I am including posts that focus on supporting women and their hustles titled: She Supports.

And I hope you dont mind that I’m kicking this off with obviously supporting myself. After all, if I don’t support me, who else will.

Last month, which was only a few days ago, I released my second self published book, but it’s my first book that I felt I put a lot into when crafting the content. It’s titled:

The Single Woman’s Guide to Side Hustling

A piece of work I am very proud of and proud to be sharing with the world. I’ve had a lot of positive influences and people who contribute to keeping me smiling and mentally in the zone, so I thank them all for their energy, as that too went into the book.

Please support my book by making a purchase. My goal is to get this book in 200 hands by the end of the year. In the book, I really talk and share how I got started side hustling, what have been my tricks and tips and even secret sauce, so to speak. And in the book, it encourages other women to take up side hustles as well. I’d like for honest feedback and opinions. And if you’re willing, even have an open dialogue about the freelance and gig work space.

Hope to hear back from you and what your thoughts were!