Side Hustlin’ Sunday: GigWalk

So, I just started using this new app thanks to The Penny Hoarder called GigWalk. It is an app that allows you to earn extra money by "walking" to various retail stores and taking pictures of the advertising content displayed at the those stores. The "client" - I'm assuming is the agency responsible for the... Continue Reading →

Side Hustlin’ Sunday: Graphic Design

Now, graphic designers are becoming as ubiquitous as real estate agents.  But that doesn't mean you can't make a good side hustle or even a good living being one.   And we all know that the more you do something, the more you practice at it, the better you become.  And the better you become, the... Continue Reading →

Side Hustlin’ Sunday: Read

Okay, this probably isn't what you were expecting for a side hustle, but reading offers many opportunities... to create opportunities. I would say that at least 80% of the side hustles I took on and made some kind of money from came from reading. Reading other people's blogs. Researching and reading ideas how other people... Continue Reading →

Side Hustlin’ Sunday: Be Handy-Dandy

Have you ever figured out how to replaced a broken computer screen? Or recovered lost "files on a computer?  What about cleaning someone's digital files so their computer runs faster and at a better performance?   Have you ever helped someone who was completely new to email set up an account? Probably, if you though long... Continue Reading →

Side Hustlin’ Sunday: Mock Juror

I stumbled upon this side hustlin' opportunity on The Penny Hoarder.  If you haven't subscribed to them yet, I recommend that you do.  I'm a subscriber and I read their newsletters religiously.  Now, everything in it may not apply to me... and that's okay.  I still read it, tho'. And when I found this treasure... Continue Reading →

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