Side Hustle Sunday: Consumer Finance Survey

To my wonderful side hustlers at there, here's another survey that I came across in my inbox.  I filled out the survey myself, in case you're wondering.  Hell, they're offering $150 to talk about finance consumer products and I'm all about the money. Murray Hill National, a national market research firm, is looking for respondents... Continue Reading →

Everyday I’m Surveyin’

But seriously, though.  I can't remember the last time I paid for something I wanted with my own hard earned money.  I spend money.  On groceries, my internet, my cell phone bill, rent - obviously.  But when it comes to the important-but-not-necessarily-life-sustaining-essentials, I am Amazon gift carding the hell out of those items.  And I... Continue Reading →


I'm a subscriber to the YouTube channel, The Financial Diet, as I'm always looking for great advice about saving money and earning extra money.  And one their segments talked about 12 Side Hustles that can be done from the comfort of your bed.  To be more practical, they probably should have said from their home,... Continue Reading →

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