This Week’s Goal: Finishing Lesa’s Website

A former coworker and friend of mine is launching a candle making business on the side (the company I keep are side hustlers too, I’m all about that life). It’s called Lesa’s Candles, obviously named after her. She’s a crafty time of person. She knits scarves (I have one), she makes lotions and creams and also candles. It’s just something she likes to do. So, after having to take a medical leave of absence from her job, she decided she was going to throw as much of her time as she could physically afford into her candle making business until she healthy and able to go back to work.

And knowing that I know a little about a lot, she asked me for my assistance with her website, which I readily agreed to do. But it’s stalled. First it was her, now it’s me. And now that I have everything from her to get started, I need to get started and finish all in one breath. I need to help her make money as if I was working on this website for me.

So that’s my goal for this week. Work on my friend’s website so she too can generate extra income and build a supplemental income stream. As all us ladies should. Once I’m done, I’ll share the link with you and can give me your honest feedback. You can hold me to both the deadline and the link to share.


This Week’s Goal: Clearing My Plate

Caught up… mostly. I feel like I’d be completely caught up if I removed everything off my plate. No looming website that needs to be completed, no overdue resume and cover letter for a friend I promised. No personal portfolio that needs to be recreated for me. I want to get it all done and clear of my plate. I want to start this new chapter with a clean slate.

I had some stuff for my real estate client I was able to push out in four days despite her postponing the project for two weeks. I wanted it completed and done it so I did it. I got it over with.

Just as I want everything else.

I want to get back to reading books monthly. Meeting with friends after work…I which I did schedule for next Friday. (Whoop, whoop. Happy to be acting my age once again.) Taking classes and courses. Fine tuning a craft or hobby. I need to throw myself at myself. I need to make time for me-like activities. Work and working on the dream is fine and dandy, but I also need to avoid burning out. And I think my removing these last few pending tasks will help me get there.

So, that’s my goal this week. Clearing off my plate so I can create me time activities.

Sound reasonable?

This Week’s Goal: Getting Caught Up

I hate to admit it, especially with it only being the first week of February, but I’m a little behind. I wrote out my 6-month plan for the year, beautifully, by the way, before 2019 startrd. But I’m a little off track. So my goal for the week is the figure out how much off track I am from where I’m supposed to be, get back on track and figure out how to keep the momentum moving. Reading various materials about success and break throughs, they seem to say it happens when you’re working. Which is almost like a “duh”, but I think they’re implying that you’ve gotta be consistent in your work and focused on your goals.

So getting me on track will align me right back with consistent and deliberate actions. Specific actions bring about specific results. So…let’s get too it.

This Week’s Goal: Get Caught Up

It’s the end of January. Plus one more day. Whatever. And I’m a little behind with my goals for the month. Well, more than a little behind that I like to admit and if I’m going to have a life changing momentual 2019, I need to get caught up. I got plans, things I’d like to accomplish. And I wrote it all9 down.

For the past year and a half, I’ve been writing my year’s goals down to help better steer me to where I want to go. And I knocked some things off the list but not everything. The goal this time around is to do just that. I want to leave no stone unturned at the end of the year. I want to pour it all out and know I risked all that I could risk to build a better life for myself.

So I’m gonna pull out my personal life business plan, review it, study it, memorize it. And start knocking things off of it left and right. I want to nail living my life. I just don’t want to live my best life, I want to design and build it from the ground up. And that means I gotta get back on track with the things I know I need to get done with this year. Or get on track but the end of February to get it done by year’s end.

Does anyone else keep a list of plan of their goals for year? Are you track so far?

This Week’s Goal: Cold Call Emails – Sent

It felt like I barely got this task done. Although I am proud to say that I sent out 11, not just 10 cold emails to real estate agents, brokers and escrow officers that I can find… thus far.

And it feels good to get this off my plate. To be able to move on to the next productive and business building exercise. And that’s what these goals are for the week: business building exercises. I’m not trying to find things to do for the sake of doing something. I’m looking for opportunities to build my part time business and find the steps to propel me there.

So what’s next in my list? Hmm.

A few more emails wouldn’t hurt. And adding my business to available notary databases, say like 5?

Challenge accepted.

This Week’s Goal: Cold Emailing

This Week's Goal.png

Keeping in the spirit of finding small chunks of time and using it to our best advantage, let’s talk goals.

If you’ve read any of my earlier posts (before my 3 month hiatus), you’ve learned that my ultimate goal is to be in business for myself.  Ideally, work from home and support a comfortable lifestyle.   Not quite there yet.  However, that larger goal is broken down to smaller, manageable goals that can help me chip away and reach that bigger goal of mine.

I own a part time mobile notary business here in sunny (but currently cloudy and cold) Los Angeles.  Which, is one of the reasons I’ve haven’t posted in so long time.  After I get off work to go meet a notary client which is normally outside of my service zone, I am tired when I get home.  Don’t get me wrong, the notary aspect is fairly easy, but traveling, coordinating, confirming and booking and making sure I am the perkiest self I can possibly be (and I don’t care for perky – on myself or anyone else), I’m a little mentally drained. I am spent.

But like many optimistic people, I’m hoping to make some tweaks in 2019 to what I don’t like about what I do and improve those things that I do enjoy.  My notary business is not an exception.

So, my goal this week is to one work on securing some loan signing work.  In a nutshell, Notaries can be certified –which I am — to notarize real estate loan documents and make more money in a single visit.  How much more money?  Anywhere from $40 to $100 an hour more.  Right? RIGHT? So, I’ve been collecting email address and business cards from brokers, agents and escrow officers preparing to send them a small information package about myself and let them know I am available to work them.  I’ve already drafted the email template and assembled my package of documents saved in my Google Drive.  I just need go start sending out the emails.

So my goals is to reach 5 people a week and follow up with the a week and half after my initial contact.

Not a hefty goal.  But manageable. Something that can be done on my small chunks of time.  And hey, if you want, you can be my accountability partner.  I’d love to have someone to make sure I am on track doing what I said I was going to.  And I’ll be your partner if you want.

So, what’s your goal for this week?