Busted AF

I have to share this story with you. It’s almost too amusing not to…

So I had a job interview this past Wednesday after work. Normally, I would have been doing overtime at my current job, but I received an email from a law firm asking me to come in that same day. The young woman, some executive coordinator, admitted she knew it was short notice but wanted to see if I was available as they were planning on hiring immediately.

At first I said yes. Gotta jump on every opportunity that comes my way, right? Then I realized how I looked. I looked busted as f*ck! I mean, I had on no make up and I don’t wear much, if any to work, but I like to put something on for a job interview. I had forgotten to put my earrings on that morning so my ears were bare. My hair could have used some taming. I was wearing my nearly dead sneakers… so badly worn that the the sides of the shoes have separated itself from the shoes themselves. On both shoes! And some frumpy outfit. I was dressed in overtime mode. I was planning to work from open to close.

Then this opportunity came along.

But I looked like I could make babies cry. So I called and emailed the woman back asking if I could reschedule for Friday if possible. No response.

So I took my busted looking ass to the interview. Beforehand, I tried to lay my hair down as evenly as possible. I put on a little lip gloss. Kept my coat on so none of them could see how awful my clothes had looked that day and said I was going to give the performance of my life. Not because I wanted the job that badly. But because of how awful I looked and how much I knew that was going to play with my head.

Needless to say, I interviewed with the Operations Manager as and the CFO of the company. I thought I did a marvelous job (but interviewing isn’t what necessarily scares me). The interview itself was about 45 minutes long. I was told that if I was a viable candidate, I would be brought back in to meet the owner of the company. They thanked me for coming in. I thank them for having me. And that mental intake of air I inhaled was finally released when I left the building.

I keep reminding myself that I need to be prepared at all times because I never know whom I’m going to meet and the one time I throw caution to the wind…ugh.

I could’ve canceled it. That would’ve been childish. I could have no showed. Even more childish. Could’ve beat myself up over it. Then I knew I definitely would have blown it. Instead I chose to woman up and still show the better side of myself. Despite less than perfect circumstances.

One Thing: No Effort, Big Expectation

Work for it. Put in the time. Make the effort. So many people want something to happen for them, to them around them, that all they need to do is something! It’s the same mindset behind playing the lottery. You think that by playing a set of random numbers that you’re going to get a windfall of money and life will be ten times better?

Be your own windfall.

Yes, by all means dream big. But work bigger. Harder. More.

Money Tip: Set Goals

Saving and allocating dollars to certain funds is essential. It makes the whole process of monitoring and managing our money that much more tolerable, especially if it’s not our best quality or if we really hate being THAT responsible.

I would say I get it, but I like watching my money. I like knowing where every dollar went or where it goes. Even watching rent money slip through my fingers to someone else, gives me some sort of adrenaline knowing those dollars were successfully (key word) allocated for that purpose.

But I don’t just have funds I save for. I have an overall dollar amount I want to attain. This dollar amount – which I’m a little embarrassed to share – is my “I arrived” dollar figure. This amount is not meant to bring me happiness or endless good luck. This purpose is about peace of mind. Peace of mind in the sense that if everything should fall apart, I would still financially be fine. It’s what I also worked towards when saving for everything else. It’s part of the prize of my hustle.

What is your goal amount?