Working 5 to 9: Just Enjoying the Moment

So my last day at a job I didn’t like working for company that couldn’t care less was this past Monday. Yes, we were open on President’s Day and no, we’ve never received any holiday pay for coming in or shorter hours for the slower pace of work. But now I’m free of that. Free from my coworkers — bye, bye Mimi, the office snitch — free from my employer. I’m free from my supervisor who enjoys switching my schedule at her whim as if I don’t have a life outside of the company. I’m free from the kind of work I hate. I’m free from colleagues throwing one another under the bus. I’m free from poorly supported software platforms that constantly malfunction. I’m free from appreciation lunches but no raises. I’m just free.

So, yesterday I got to see for myself what people do in the middle of the day on a Tuesday. And what I learned is that they do whatever they want. Now I enjoyed this all day yestersay and will be enjoying this for another day as I start my new job on Friday and it is a spectacular feeling. To be in the moment. To relish and enjoy the moments presented in front of us. It’s hard to do — for me, at least– much of the time.

That’s what I disliked most about my old job. There were never moments I enjoyed other than clocking out. I came to resent going to work. I tried meditating in the morning, I tried practicing gratitude including the fact I had a job that allowed me to cover my bills. I tried working out before I went to work to get me pumped up. But, none of it worked. Nothing I did helped me digest my job or the compnay.

Until I sent my resignation letter.

That was the best feeling ever! And from that moment on, I’ve just been enjoying the seconds that past, the thoughts that run across my mind. I’ve enjoyed letting go of something that was drilling away at my spirit and embraced a new opportunity.

That’s been the best moment of my week.

Working 5 to 9: Pockets of Time

Right now, right now (ish)… I am in a meeting with a client of mine I’ve been working with since 2013. We’re meeting a Starbucks in the Pico-Robertson area. And I’m not suppose to be at work (my 9 to 5) for another hour and half. And it’s like this. Often enough.

I’ve talked about hustling around your schedule and finding times to meet with client. But I live that life. I negotiate with clients not just with fees but when to meet. Because, yes, it would be more convenient for them to meet at one o’clock in the afternoon. I would like that too. But I’m working. At a job that covers the bills. And I’m not ready just yet to jeopardize that job for a client whose fees may cover one bill. Not there yet. So I have to comprise. I have make time even when I rather be sleeping in.

So here I am at Starbucks meeting my client after her kids’ carpool drop off and before she has to meet one of her clients. Just another day in the life of.

Know this feeling?

Working 5 to 9: Don’t Forget About You

I am good for this. I will schedule everyone else throughout the week or month but will forget about me. Except for laundry. I always seem to manage to schedule in laundry.

But I do forget about me and what I’m working on. Like projects I have going on that are just for me and not for a client or marketing my part time business. Just some me building time. I really forget to carve out an hour and say I’m gonna to read this only or write that out or whatever it is. I forget not put other people’s tasks above my own all the time. It’s not a sacrificial act, but one of absent mindedness. Forgetting I am just as important to myself as the clients I serve; the people I see and leads I chase down. I’m need to make myself a priority.

It should be easy but I know I’m not the only one who forgets themselves. I’m sure others have done it too. Perhaps we can remind each other to remeber ourselves. Not just what we’re working towards but whom we’re working for. Ourselves! Besides, no ones going to tackle our goals for us but us. So let’s put ourselves on the to-do list.


Working 5 to 9: Take On As Many New Experiences As You Can

A notary company reached out to me this past Monday to offer me an opportunity to perform a few (12-15) notarizations on a film set. I thought, cool. I’ve been to a film studio before. Culver Studios, in fact. So I’m thinking, sure thing, just tell me to go.

Well I begin texting back and forth with one of the assistants to the owner about this assignment until the assistant told me the owner would reach out to me with more details. A few hours later the owner sends me a text introducing himself and we talk about the assignment he’s been given. He approached the topic very sensitively. Very cautiously. Until he finally reveals that the notary assignment is on the set of an adult film studio. And the notarizations would be taking place during some of the filming.

Hey, I don’t care. Business is business. And obviously, they’re in their own business. But the owner of the notary company spent the next 30-40 minutes trying to coax me into accepting the assignment. I think he was uncomfortable and assume others would be as well.

Dude, I was already on board when he said he had a notary job for me. I know what PornHub is (although they weren’t PornHub).

So after he convinced himself he convinced me, he checked back in the client to see how soon they needed the service. We started talking about fees and I was about to tell him what I would be willing to service the client for when my gut told me asked me to ask him how generous they were planning to be. Since he mentioned they were being generous given the circumstances. He said he could offer $250 if he got another notary out there with me. $350 if it was just me.


Hmmm. Pluh-lease. I know signing agents who don’t make that much from an assignment.

So, yeah. I jumped on board. It paid really well and it was a new experience I had never had before. Now I was already agreeing to the assignment before I had gone but it mean some compromises on my end:

  • Going out to a client in the wee hours of the morning
  • Being around naked people who are to paid to have sex on film for a living
  • Convincing a third party client to give me the assignment

New things are good things. For the most part. And if you approach them with a positive mind set, you’ll always take something away from the experience.

Would you have gone to that adult film set?

This Week’s Goal: Double or Nothing (Cold Emailing)

I hate to start off this way, but no. I did not accomplish my goal for the week. I did not send out my five emails to individuals who work in Escrow, Real Estate, Loan Origination or Title holding. But it wasn’t that I didn’t try or make effort. I was missing my Errors and Omissions insurance.

It’s a type of insurance that is highly suggested l signing agents possess in order to get signing work. And when I send out my emails to these people, I send a little packet that shows proof of this insurance. Without it, I am extremely less desirable to work with. I called yesterday and spoke with the company who is supposing to be releasing my document and information so I can get on getting business.

And so that I am not completely just wasting time here waiting, I did set up emails prepared to be sent out once I can add my new E&O insurance proof to my packet.

So, yeah. I slipped up. And I on the first week of this. But once I get my insurance cleared, I plan to send 10 emails out. 5 for the emails I missed for last week and 5 for this week.

But all means, hold me accountable!

Working 5 to 9: Communicating

Finding time to connect with prospect clients is challenging. They have their schedule, you’re still working at your job and have your own schedule which doesn’t allow much in the way of effective communicating, but it does offer some openings. And my rule of thumb is:

Use the time you have as best as you can.

I get a 30 minute lunch break and two 10 minute breaks. Not much in the greater scheme of things, but I make it work. And I’m honest with my clients about it too when it doesn’t work.

The vast majority of my lunch breaks I spend on the phone making calls or sending emails. I don’t eat on my lunch break. I eat at my desk. I work for me on my lunch break. ‘Cause honestly, I don’t consider it a break if I’m still at the office.

On that 30 minute lunch break I’m given, I’m making plans to meet, I’m following up on texts or emails. Or I’m updating my calendar, sending out invites to remind people when and where we’re meeting.

I may not have a private lavish office to call my clients from but I find time to connect throughout the day so they know I’m on top of the project or I received their message.

For the things that require more then a 10 or 30 minute breaks, I ask them speak with me after 4:30pm. If I’m not home by then, I’m at least in route where I can talk more candidly than at my job. And my clients know I have full time job. They think it’s admirable that I would ventured out with a side hustle. “How entrepreneurial,” they say. They’re not wrong. That’s the goal here. But they understand something I haven’t spoken to them directly.

I’m willing to give up my time to do what it takes now to get to where I want to be later.

Side hustlin’ isn’t for the faint of heart although anyone can really do it. Just keep those lines of communication open and help your clients better work with you.

Working 5 to 9: Finding the Time

The biggest excuse among most of us is time.

“We don’t have enough time”, “we can’t find the time to do this or that”, “where did the time go?”  Time seems to be this invisible enemy we’re all racing against to get shit done.  Whether we’re just rushing out the door to make it to work on time or trying to see if it’s worth our time to run to the store today after work, after that client or sometime later this week.  And for our lady hustlers out there, finding time to meet with and work with clients, time is a b*tch! (Forgive my political incorrectness here, it just happens to be a part of my vernacular.  Sorry, not sorry).

Rather, the lack of time is a b*tch.

I don’t know if you’ve heard or read those memes where they name some celebrity (Beyonce comes to mind) and they compare the whole world to this one person (forgetting that high profiled celebrity has an entourage of people at their beck and call) saying that this person has the same 24 hours in the day as we do and they get their shit done.  Not too  sure if this is meant to guilty trip us or motivate.  It’s questionable.  And, yeah, that’s true.  But, like us too, many of those A-List actors and performers had normal jobs or normal lives prior to their current status and had to find time in their normal days to make it as big as they’ve become.

They too had to find the time.


My dearest fried, Elissa, sent me this photo/ quote from a book she’s reading  few days ago.  And yes, shame on me for not asking what book this was from, I’ll ask her later, but as you can see she clearly circled a passage that talks about time:

Look for windows of time just for you, and use them in small and creative acts.  Get to the record store at lunch hour, even if only for fifteen minutes.  Stop looking for big blocks of time when you will be free.  Find small bits of time instead.

Time is no longer an excuse any more, unless we allow it to be.  You don’t need a lot of time to start and even work on your hustle.  Granted, a lot of time would be nice, but do know how much you could get done in 60 minutes versus 24 hours if you knew that 60 minutes was never going to come around again?  And essentially, it won’t.  Not those same 60 minutes.  Maybe not even those same uninterrupted 60 minutes.

You and your hustle or your dreams or goals or plans or whatever you’re calling it in 2019 can go far if you just find the smaller blocks of time and use them to your best advantage.  Going forward, I want Wednesdays to b about the work we do for ourselves, not our bosses, not again some time clock (another enemy) from the hours of 5pm -9am.

So, today or any other day this week, how will you use your small chunks of time to start your hustle or take it to the next level?