WHEN: You Start Laying the Foundation

It feels good to have something go right in my life plan right now. It really does. And I literally make a life plan every year, very similar to someone who makes a business plan. The only difference between my personal plan and a business plan is that my plans are written out in 6 month increments. And it’s not because I don’t have a vision for myself. I do. Pleeeeasssseee read some of my earlier posts as to my obsession with side hustlin’ and turning my hustles in a self sustaining and successful business. I got vision.

However, a plan requires thought and estimates as to what steps need to be taken. It requires actions that need to be executed to accomplish the goal. And for me, I can only see 6 months down the road as to what I could do to get there. Now, whether I’m correct in assuming what steps need to be taken is one thing. But I study what I’ve been doing to help me gauge where I need to be going.

The other day I was sitting with my friend, Elle, when she stumbled across my 2019 life plan on my kitchen table and saw items that I highlighted in yellow signifying they’ve been accomplished. And she was proud of me. I was proud of me. Understand we were on third bottle of wine that night so we could’ve been in our feelings, but I starting seeing myself in the early stages of my dream. I started seeing the foundation I was laying and had spent so many years working to establish.

It’s not huge. It’s far from completed. But it’s a firm start. It’s my start. And it’s moving me forward.

What does your foundation look like?

WHEN: It Feels Like It’s Falling Into Place

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet, because sweet it is.

I’ve been interviewing for a position at a nonprofit for the past couple of weeks and as of this past Monday they offered me the position and I accepted it. And was thrilled to learn it pays 29% more than what I’m making now, has more benefits and after my first two days, I’ll be flying to New York for a retreat of theirs.

Holla, holla!

This is great news especially having received it on the eve of my birthday. Best birthday gift to myself… ever!!!

But… that doesn’t mean my side hustling days are through. Not by a long shot. It just means I’ll be able to better fund the dream. And the dream is to still be self employed. That’s the prize and my eyes are still on it. But this new job at this new company means I’ll get the opportunity to learn from a real business how to run a business, how to treat employees and because it’s a nonprofit, how to work with what you’ve got. Which I think I got that a handle on that so far.

Yes, it feels like I’m moving closer to the goal and that feels great. One step at a time.

WHEN… You Gotta Remind Others of Your Time

Because no one is going to respect your time the way you will. No one is going uphold your time as valuable as you will. So you will have to remind others your time is not to be wasted just because they waste their time.


Earlier this afternoon I rescheduled a phone interview with a company for a position I was partially interested in. It was close to home. Offered great perks. Reasonable salary. But my point of contact with the company no showed our first call. I scheduled the call for when I got off of work so I wouldn’t be distracted and be comfortable. Made it home on time. And after waiting five minutes, I called my contact who didn’t respond. Left him a voicemail. Followed up my voicemail with a email to confirm I had the right date and time. A week later, I got a response. He had the flu.

But there was no one else in the office who could’ve filled in for you?

So we rescheduled.

Until he no showed once again.

He had gotten sick… again. Guess who else was getting sick? Me! For putting up with a company that seemed not value anyone else’s time. But I told myself the 3rd time would be the charm.

Today was the 3rd time. No charm. All disappointment.

After waiting 15 minutes, I sent an email letting my contact know that I appreciated him wanting to speak with me and learning more about my skill set for the opening but that I was no longer interested in the position.

And I’m not. Because I can only imagine if this is how they treat the interview process, I would hate to learn how they would treat me as an employee. I think I just dodged a bullet.

As well as had to remind another that my time isn’t to play with. Because it isn’t.

People forget. You are not them. And they need to treat you according to you and not how they treat themselves. You deserve the same.

WHEN… it shows

I met with my supervisor and HR person yesterday afternoon to discuss a new position in the company. Same department, different duties. And as they were selling me on this position that had no change in pay, they told me that they thought I was very valuable to the company but that they felt I’d be more suited to this newly created role moreso. My supervisor said she could see that I didn’t loved the job (the one I’m in now). I wanted to tell her that I never loved job. But she didn’t have to. She spoke the words for me. And she was dead on. As she continued talking, I realized something. It showed.

My lack of passion in my 9 to 5 showed to the rest of the world no matter how well I thought I might be hiding it. I can crack jokes, join in the laughter but at the end of the day, I don’t care for this job. I really don’t.

But for my gigs, it’s a different story. I will come into work late, leave early, call out — all of which I have done at one point or another — for a side a hustle. I’m sure experts would say not to do that, but that’s how much more I enjoy doing those hustles. So much so I’d risk my full time hours for a one time or repeat side work. And it shows.

I’ve known for a while that what matters to us as peopel will be shown to us through our actions and beliefs, but I didn’t always think others could see it as well. But when there’s passion in the things we do or want to do, it will show.

And that’s okay. It’s good to know what matters shows. If it matters to others, it will show as well. Do others tell you the same?

When: Your Best Laid Plans Fail

I posted my event on Eventbrite. Then had Eventbrite link it to my Facebook page. I posted the event on my website. I added it on NextDoor. I bought raffle tickets, printed and laminated the raffle entry parameters. Had a cute thank you jar for the raffle tickets with a gold ribbon on it. I brought my laptop with me that had my stick-on “Notary Public” sign on it. I was prepared. And I was actually hyped up about it.

But there was one detailed I was not prepared for. The date. I had scheduled my relaunch of the 2019 Discount Notary Days on the same day as the women’s March. And unknowingly I had the audacity to position myself at a Starbucks that was a block away from the march.


And to make matters worse, when I arrived to the Starbucks, there were hoards of pro-women activists, men and women alike, hogging up what was suppose to be my pop-up notary space.

Fine. I’m not one for crowds, but I can deal, like anyone else. But that particular Starbucks had removed all the chairs in preparation for the women’s march. Making all visiting patrons stand.

Double ugh!!

So no place to sit, no place to set up, no place to position myself to be seen. No way to gauge if this was going to be successful turn out. No way to know if I had lost any business because of this blind spot. So I call my friend, Elissa. And vented. Loudly. Unprofessionally. I was upset. Everything I had prepared for had gone down the drain in minutes. So, after speaking with my friend for about 15 minutes, I decided I was going to stay as long as I could to see if I could “sense” any notary clients. A little less than an hour and a half into waiting and seeing what I could do to salvage the situation, I called it quits.

I didn’t want to stand any longer. And if I did, there was no place I would have been successful doing so. As the women’s March progressed on, I knew if I didn’t leave early enough, it’d be awhile before I could. So I headed home, sadden that my best laid plans had been crushed by a national event I had not been aware was taking place the same day.

But as unsuccessful as this past Saturday had turned out, I took a few takeaways from the day:

  • Hang in there for as long as you can
  • Remeber the company you’re around when shit hits the fan
  • A crappy day is just one day
  • Research conflicting dates

So after my hot-headed self cooled off, I collected my thoughts and started brainstorming other creative ideas to continue to get my business out there.

After all, I’m a hustler and I don’t go down without a fight.

What would you have done?

WHEN…You Think You Have Down Time…

You really don’t.

You have work-on-the-business time.

When I’m not seeing a notary client or writing, I’m working on my part time business. I’m working my marketing — online, offline and word of mouth. I am brainstorming new ways to reach prospect clients. I am working on other hustles.

I am always trying my best not to let a valuable moment go to waste. I would hate to have had chance to crush an opportunity but didn’t because I was Netflixing. Don’t get me wrong. I take time out chill and come back to it all, but I also remind myself to stay focus on the goal. Trust me, I watched Birdbox too. I wasn’t part of the crazy challenge though, but I was feelin’ the movie.

When it was over, I went back to brainstorming ideas for the notary business.

Down time is research time. Idea time. Planning time. And testing time. Follow up time. Respond to emails time. It’s never truly down just “down time”.

WHEN… you have more tasks than time

It is some easy to feel overwhelmed. It’s easy to feel like if you don’t get everything done right this second, you’re failing. And not only are you failing, but you’re also a fraud. For letting people believe that you could handle their project, service their business or charge them for your time. Because you haven’t handled it all right now.

The beauty of “right now” is that there is never a shortage of supply. Right now is right now. Literally and figuratively.

Breathe. You will get it all done. Maybe not right this very second for the the “right” now. Maybe you need to do a little more research. Maybe you have made all the calls or sent every possible email. But when you do. You right now will happen.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you don’t allow everything to take the pace it needs to get completed and thorough.