She Supports: Tracy Beck of Risque Assessories

For the month of September, I am showing my support to the wonderful and creative Tracy Beck.  Not only is she a friend of the family, but she’s also the designer of these beautiful bracelets you see above. But it’s not just bracelets and other jewelry she designs, but clothing, handbags and as her name suggests, other accessories.

She’s been designing jewelry for quite some time now and I’m always amazed to see what she comes up with next. I think her pieces are stunning. I, myself, have purchased five bracelets from her and plan to make a few more purchases this year. To see more of her work, you can check her out on Instagram and Facebook @RisqueAssessories.

This Week’s Goal: Making My Time Matter

In light if my high school chum’s passing, I decided to focus this week’s energy on making my time matter.  Making the best of my time, making the most of time.

I’m not going to get crazy with this goal and go sky diving without any training or going bungee jumping off some bridge. And for some of you out there, these or normal outdoor activities. Sorry, not for this city gal. What I’m simply saying is that I am going to make myself more accountable for how I spend my time. And push harder for the things I want and who I aspire to be. I was already on this track, his passing was just a remidner.

Working 5 to 9: Dealing With Death

Death is hard no matter who you lose.

Yesterday, I received a Facebook messenger that a long time chum of mine passed away in his sleep the night before. And it strange and for most of the day I was in shock. In total disbelief. The person who informed me, he hadn’t spoken in years. He had gotten married and moved away. I totally thought he was pulling a prank on me until I reached out to the brother of our mutual deceased friend. And the brother confirmed the loss.

Let me tell you a little something about Montoya. He was 34 years when he died, just having celebrated his birthday a little less than six weeks ago. He had political ambitions. He ran for city council in 2013 and ran for either a Senate or Congress a few years before that. He received his J.D. 4 years ago and had been working Downtown at law firm. He one only one younger brother, a niece, a mother and a father. He has a small group of friends he regularly checked in with on occasion. He loved politics. He had dreams to change the system from within one day. And he was very vocal about the political and divisive climate in this country. He was a man with a plan.

(Sighs). He was never married. Didn’t have a girlfriend or any kids. He leaves behind no legacy other than his good name and those that remember him. I didn’t expect to start having to say good bye to people l knew until I was at least 80-something. It’s hard. Its strange. That someone so young and with so much potential could leave this world so soon.

I wanted to cry today. I really did. I didn’t. I did tear up a bit, but I didn’t allow a single tear to fall. I’m sad that someone I knew pretty is…gone forever. It puts into perspective so much if who we are and what we do. That everything we do should matter. After all, our time is so limited and so uncertain. It’s all so short.

Happy Labor Day, Ladies!

If there are two days in the whole year you should not be working, Labor Day is one of them. What’s the other day? Your birthday. Seriously.

But since it’s Labor Day – maybe it’s also your birthday too — kick up feet, turn on Netflix and enjoy. We got a lot to get done in these next coming months. Our hustle will be hard. So. When we have a few down days, we’re gonna take them. And enjoy them.

So enjoy day.

Foodie Friday: Food For Thought: Competition

You vs. You

Foodie Friday: Food For Thought: Competition Elle here!!! I came across this message and it read:

“Your competition isn’t other people. Your competition is your procrastination. Your ego. The unhealthy food you’re consuming, the knowledge you neglect. The negative behavior you’re nurturing and your lack of creativity. Compete against that.”

This made me realize that we often times self-sabotage ourselves and our success by procrastination, our ego, and what we eat. Everything we do effects our total outcome. This message was a reflection of me, and the person I don’t want to continue to be. We all have greatness, yet we unconsciously find ways to F*ck Sh*t up, then we find ourselves stuck and wondering why we have not progresses, why we haven’t hit that height of success we know we can reach. I am truly guilty of this and am working hard to reach new heights every day. So let’s get out of our own way and make it happen for ourselves. After all we are HUSTLERS!!!!

Happy Friday: Bye, August

Elle and I have been talking about the next four months of 2019 for the past couple weeks that it’s become sort of a mantra for us. All we’re thinking about is how we’re going to crush our goals in these next four months so we can have an amazing 2020. At the beginning of every year we’re so full of promise and hope. Are expectations are high as well as our energy. But as things divert from the plans we made, our enthusiasm wanes a little, setback set in and we come towards the of the end trying to find that same energy we started with.

So, goodbye August. We really need to spark that fire because I am well overdo for

She Supports: Elle & J.U.N.K. Food

Once again, I want to shout out my dearest Elle for hard work in sharing her journey in creating a healthier lifestyle through plant based consumption. In her 2nd published book, her first about plant based eating, Elle talks about the importance of eating and why eating raw, clean and unprocessed foods is more than a diet, but rather a pledge to one’s overall well-being.

In this easy read, my girl Elle, explains the pros to eating more foods directly from the earth. We all remember the four groups. In Elle’s J.U.N.K. 101, she dispels that myth. With supporting evidence. And her next book which will be released later this year provide readers the recipe to share the journey with her.

I’m not plant based myself (yet), but I have many of her dishes and I can vouch that what she prepares is delish and worth making the switch over the eating more plants.

So… go ahead and Google her book. You’ll find it on Amazon. If you’re unsure, I included a picture of it right above. Let’s show Elle some love.

This Week’s Goal: Change Web Hosting Provider

My goal this week is a little trivial. It’s not overly exciting or empowering or mind blowing. It’s good ol’ fashioned dollars and cents. Literally. I am in pursuit of a new web hosting so I can – like all of us – save money and maintain my earnings.

Which hustle of mine is this affecting?

My notary business. I’ve been using GoDaddy for years. And now they want to raise my $11.99/mo fee to $20.00/mo. Yeah… That’s an extra $96 a year I’m not okay with giving away. My dollars count. I worked hard for every cent I’ve earned, whether it was as an employee or as an “independent contractor”/ small business owner. When I know of an opportunity to save money or try to save money, I’m all over it like white on rice.

Nothing exciting this week. Just some penny pinching. What’s your goal for this week?