Real Wednesday: The Juggle Can Be A Struggle

The juggle act is a struggle

I stay reading up on new gig and freelance trends, how other people started their businesses from a side hustle that was started as a necessity. I love learning something new or even coming across something and be like, yeah, I knew about that.

But there’s a common trend I’ve been reading lately, especially in the side gig and start up realms: juggling. More succinctly, juggling your full time job with this new venture, whether it’s a business you plan to start and scale up or a side hustle to make more money.

It’s easy to talk about spending that time after work on your projects, but how many of us actually do? How many of us know how to make that commitment and stick with it? I catch myself on Facebook a few times during the day when I’m at work on someone’s else’s schedule. The struggle is harder to stay pn task when I have no one to answer to but me.

I try using “focused” time, and when I’m all in, it works. But, I’m human. I come home tired. I come home needing to hop on a call. I come home hungry. All real brain activity I have on the regular. I’ve gotten better at it over the years, but again, I’m human.

So I’m wondering, how many of you find juggling your side hustle or business a struggle at times because of just… life?! Let me know:

Pencil You In

Put yourself on the calendar

My mentor, Brik, would tell me back way back when, anytime I would complain about not having enough time for myself or working on my own projects, to schedule myself on my calendar like I would any other client. If I would make time for them, I would most definitely need to make time for me. And it wasn’t a probably thing. It was I need to make sure I’m making time for the things and projects and goals I’m focused on at least once a week.

If you’re having trouble figuring that out, let me know. I have some great ideas how you can put you on your calendar:

Happy Friday: It’s Valentine’s Day!!! 🖤

Happy Friday, my fellow hustlers! It’s Valentine’s Day!!!

And for the love of God, please don’t complain or highlight that you’re overly single and can’t find a decent person. ‘All the good men are taken’. ‘All the great women are married’. One, not true! Two, being single is the best. You get to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. however you want to do it and you don’t have to answer or update anyone about it.

On the flipside, having someone to share your company with, maybe snuggle up against and just enjoy some of the best years of your life in this moment is also the best.

Enjoy the best of either relationship status. You’re with someone for a reason. You’re single for a reason. In either case, that doesn’t stop you from working on you and becoming the best version of yourself. People are in your life (hopefully) to add to your joy, if not to your wisdom.

And hopefully you’ve learned love yourself first. Your imperfections are perfect!

Divvying That Tax Refund

Don’t let your tax refund burn a whole in your pocket

We’re going to bypass that whole conversation about tax refunds really being money we all gave the government and now they’re giving it back to us without interest.  Got it. Received.  Heard.

But the truth is that people still enjoy receiving a tax refund.  Why?  A large sume of money that’s outside of our regular paycheck. It’s like winning a weak version of the lotto.  But with this money comes great responsibility.   Like…saving, investing and paying off debt.  All of which should be done if we have a sizeable tax refund coming our way.  The more we can put away for our retirement, a lofty goal or towards debt, the happier and prepared we’ll be.  And side hustlers aren’t excluding from this practice.  Because we’re constantly creating income streams, and much of the time it’s inconsistent, we have to be more mindful of how much we put away for a rainy day and any debt we’re trying to conquer.

I’m still playing around with the numbers for how I want to divvy of the money, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be saving $1,700-$2,000 of my refund which is 2/3 of what I’m getting back. The rest will go to paying some of my student losn debt and I’m considering investing as well. I’ll keep you updated with this plan. Do you have yours?

Small Actions = Big Impact

Small Actions = Big Impact

If asked the younger me in college or the younger-younger me in grade school did I think I ever wanted to be my own boss or self employed, I would’ve told you no.  I would’ve told you no because no one had ever introduced me to what it meant to be your own boss and the rewards that come with that kind of freedom.

I’m not quite there. I have one foot in the door. Working on getting the other one there too. But this pursuit to have career freedom started becauae when I graduated from college, it was hard for me to get a job. So I began side hustling as a way to earn some kind of living. And ironically, it has changed much of how I live and what I want to live for.

It was a small action that has the biggest impact on my life and continues to do so. What small action have you taken to go after what you really want in this life?

My Work Speaking For Itself

Let your work + passion speak for itself

I was on my way to work this morning when I get this wonderful text from my friend and former coworker, Chari. I had spent much of my morning commute on the phone with Elle fielding a few emails and some other texts when I get this surprise.

What I love most about her text to is she states she’s familair with my work and how I do things. My work. Speaks for itself. And that’s an amazing feeling. When people reach out to you because they know how you treat your work and what you’re passionate about.

And if you’re curious, we have plans to meet up Monday February 24th to discuss this online business. Exciting things, ladies. Exciting things.

Happy Friday: I Am Feelin’ February

Getting February off to a good start

Happy Friday, everyone! We made it out of January… finally! For it just to be the first month of the year, it sure felt like a year long month.

I enjoy the month of February. For the obvious reason: it’s my birthday month. Whoop, whoop! And it’s also Elle’s birthday month too. She’s 12 days after me. As I like to refer to us: she is the fish (Pisces) to my fish tank (Aquarius). Ha! But I’ve also had some good news already in these first seven days. For starters, my credit score is jumped up 12 points. Always good news.  My student loan debt decreased a little over $10,000. Don’t know how, don’t care why.

And… I finally completed my taxes. And it looks like I’m going to be getting the biggest return to date, but probably the last time I’ll have a return this large. And it wasn’t because I gave the government so much money the first time via my W-4. It was because I got make legitimate claims and take better deductions this year. Proved very, very beneficial!

Oh… and one last thing… I’ll be headed back to New York for another work retreat at the end of this month. Can you say free hotel stay and free flight? I can!

Okay.  Enough about my February.  How is yours going?  Don’t want to share it here?  That’s fine.  Let’s just you and I talk:

5 Ways Every Hustler Needs to Kick Off 2020!

So… I mentioned this sometime last month, but didn’t get a chance to follow through. Between me getting pneumonia (don’t even know how that happened) and the list of tragedies we’ve been mourning as a city — yes, the city of Los Angeles has taken the death of Kobe and his daughter very hard — I didn’t have a “right time” to debut the first confirmed and published ebook of a year-long, once-a-month series I’m working on.

So, without further ado:

And you can find this short, very easy to read ebook on Barnes & Noble at: It’s $0.99. It’s not going to break the bank and will keep you in the mindset and spirit of committing to your goals this year and manifesting your dreams.

If you purchase the ebook (and hopefully you do) and want to share your thoughts with me — I’m open to all feedback, send me an email: