Happy Friday: New York, New York

Mid-Town Manhattan

🎶… I’m leaving today, start spreading the news…. I’ve got to be a-part of it…🎶

And I was… since Wednesday. Out here again for a work retreat. Visited Queens, saw family, had a slice of New York of pizza and spent a total of $23.02. Loved that part. The company provided meal and travel stipends while we were out here, so it was nice to forget having to pull out my debit card. But it’s also nice to conclude my birthday trip with a free trip to the big apple.

But I think the highlight of my trip was the Uber ride back to the airport. The second longest employee rode with me because she lives in Queens and apparently it’s only a 5 minute ride from the airport to her home. And honey, she spilled ALL the tea.  I learned I sorta wished I didn’t know, but the more you know, you can make better decisions.  Such as one’s future.

Future was a huge topic for the majority of our trip. And I might share some of the details and she snd I spoke about. But I wanted to make sure I press upon you all is… think about the future. Map it out. Have a plan. Don’t get caught somewhere for 5 or 10 years out of convenience. Know where you wanna go in this life amd steer there.

Till then, I’ll catch up with you once I’m back in L.A.