Happy Friday: Start Claiming It

I was on the bus headed to work yesterday when it dawned on me five minutes from the office that I hadn’t repeated my little mantra for the day. I don’t say “little” to demean the words I say, but rather acknowledge the length of my mantra. It’s pretty short.

Today is going to be wildly successful and I’m moving into my goals of becoming successful, wealthy and sought after.

That’s pretty personal for me to so consider yourself esteemed that I’m sharing it. And depending on the morning, I’ll adjust the words and tweak it to be more specific. I try to keep my mantra a little vague as to keep myself open to whatever successful looks like for me instead of what I think it should look like.

The point of my story, I recited my mantra to myself a few times until it felt real and possible. And would you have you know, three clients reached out to me yesterday. One repeat client and two new ones. I saw the new (notary) clients after work and repeat has a short term project she needs completed by the end of the month.

I believe in claiming the things you want for yourself. Telling yourself over and over until you believe and that’s all you know. I also believe in working for what you want. But marry those two elements together how can you not feel optimistic about your future? Hmm?

Maybe I’m reaching. Whose to say. Maybe… it’s a habit you might want to start.

Happy Friday.

Working 5 to 9: Down Time

There’s nothing like some down time when things are slow. You can get caught up. You can get things in order. You can catch on personal things. You can even do laundry. But down should be used wisely in between clients. And, depending how you look at it, down time be an assorted bag.

Trust me, I love when I have nothing pressing or due, but that also means I don’t have any extra income coming in. So when I get a little down time in between clients, I either prep or rest. I don’t try to overthink my down time, which sounds a little weird, I know but it’s true.

Rather than overwork myself, I brainstorm. I right ideas down. I take notes. Nothing more. If not any of that, I literally rest. I get caught on sleep. I enjoy a glass or two of red wine. In cooler weather, I’d enjoy a few cups of herbal tea. I watch an inspiring or listen to something inspirational like a TED Talk or speech. I focus on making that time about shifting my thoughts and being in positive mindset. And it’s so important to try to remain positive as possible. Juggling multiple projects, work and pretending to have a life… down time is a good thing.

Foodie Friday: Living in My Purpose

I must say… this journey I’ve been on has opened my eyes to many things from the way people treat you, to the way you treat people. The lack of respect people have. The energy people bring. The ambition and priorities of people and the lack thereof.

This journey has taught me to be patient and kind. To not be reactive and instead be quiet and distant. To value and prioritize myself among all. If those around you don’t value who you are slowly move into the direction where you are valued.

This journey has taught me peace instead of anger, happy instead of sad, and living life because it’s the only one you get.

Through this journey, I am more sure of myself than I’ve ever been and GOD has placed me in position that has tested my strength and yet I have prevailed. The universe has been on my side and I’ve been able to unfold many great opportunities…

…to think, it all started with the mindset to change my life, which started with what I was eating.

… blessed…

Elissa “Elle” Mirsky

Chief Executive J.U.N.K.I.E.
J.U.N.K. Just Utilizing Nature’s Krops LLC

Happy Friday: Say It, Own It

Today is going to be wildly successful and I am moving closer to my goal of becoming successfully and abundantly self employed.

That is my mantra. Every morning.

While the water is running for my shower creating a light steam in the bathroom, before the construction workers have gotten to work with all their banging and drilling, while the morning is still relatively quiet, and school children shuffle along in pairs or in groups through alley ways off to school, this is my mantra.

Every morning.

Say these words. I own these words. I believe these words.

It makes every day better. It makes every new opportunity that more thrilling. It makes the start of every day exciting. It makes all that I do and all I put in and put up with much more worth.

What do you tell yourself every morning in order to tackle your day?

Foodie Friday: Food For Thought

Hey Hustlers!!! Happy Friday!!! I must say, I had a wonderful week from last Saturday up until now and I know it will only get better. So I want to share some thoughts and tips for ya’ll when you wanna give up or when you’re down wondering if this hustlin’ thing is gonna work out for ya.

Stay ConsistentEven when it feels like you are working your ass off and you are not seeing the results, just know someone else sees them and that your hard work is paying off. Just be patient and keep pushing.

Stay True To YouBe authentically you, whatever that is and whatever that looks like. Don’t get blinded by the faux that is social media. If you have a vision, stick with it, and it will evolve.

Keep Positive VibesKeep the energy positive! This is so important because the wrong energy can have a huge effect on you and your success. So be mindful of your energy and the energy you keep around you. 

Be Well Find ways to incorporate healthier lifestyle habits from food, physical activity, and meditation. This helps with mental clarity. Once you have mental clarity you will be surprised at what you can achieve and the amazing ideas you come up with.

I give ya’ll these tips because I have been going strong on my wellness journey and it is really paying off for me. So keep pushing. YOU GOT THIS!!!

If you want to keep up with me, or all things J.U.N.K., follow my journey on Instagram @mylifebeingelle and visit www.eatjunkfood.co to keep up with my book release and upcoming events.

If you are interested in learning more about plant-based eating check out J.U.N.K. Food 101.

Money Matters: More Money Should Mean More Problems

Earning more money (get it, girl) shouldn’t mean more problems. Yet, as our income grows, so does our expenses, which is weird as hell. I mean, think about it. When were making $35,000/year we’re buying a whole lot less stuff than when we’re making $50K or $60k a year. Shopping at dollar stores and discount box retailers. We were going to thrift shops and we’re catching matinees instead of going to opening night shows.

In other words, we were budgeting.

Yet, when we start making more money, we budget less believing we can now “afford” it. 🤔 Yeah, about that because I know firsthand how good it feels to having extra dough lining my pockets and not getting anymore below balance alerts from my bank. I get it, girl, I get it.

But before you starting adding items to your Amazon shopping cart, plan for your future first. Call me “mama bear” if you want, but I’m serious. Take some of that extra monies and double your savings. Create a travel fund. Pay down your student loan debt. Increase or start your emergency fund. Then when you’ve successfully established these funds and savings account, goEA get that spring dress that caught your eye in your inbox. Order those shoes that’s been on your wishlist since August. Just make sure to take care the you-now and the you-later as not to have any unnecessary money problems that can catch you by surprise.

Unless they’re rich people’s problems, in which case…