Small Actions = Big Impact

Small Actions = Big Impact

If asked the younger me in college or the younger-younger me in grade school did I think I ever wanted to be my own boss or self employed, I would’ve told you no.  I would’ve told you no because no one had ever introduced me to what it meant to be your own boss and the rewards that come with that kind of freedom.

I’m not quite there. I have one foot in the door. Working on getting the other one there too. But this pursuit to have career freedom started becauae when I graduated from college, it was hard for me to get a job. So I began side hustling as a way to earn some kind of living. And ironically, it has changed much of how I live and what I want to live for.

It was a small action that has the biggest impact on my life and continues to do so. What small action have you taken to go after what you really want in this life?

This Week’s Goal: Enjoying the Reward

No, I didn’t get an amazing book deal or have my book turned into a movie.  Or win the lotto. Or create a world-changing, life-saving, patent pending invention. No, I just knocked some big things off my to-do list, be having some amazing chats with my girl, Elle, about some upcoming projects and just had three notary clients over the span of 5 days.

It’s nothing momumental, but they’re still wins. They’re my wins. I’m not pumping the brakes and saying I made it, I arrived. But I definitely want to enjoy this moment, since it feels like I rarely live in the moment. I want to enjoy that the work I’m putting is now putting out. That feels good. I want to enjoy the fruit of my labor why I’m in the mindset to enjoy it.

I hope you do the same. Whatever amazing thing has happened to you in your week thus far, I don’t care how small or huge you felt it was, enjoy it. Enjoy the fact that it was you and made that happened, got it off your to-do list and just created another opportunity. So rarely to we give ourselves time relish in our accomplishments. Everything and everyone else around is telling us to do more, go harder, go bigger, do better. Today, do you. Enjoy your win in whatever shape it came.