Wine Wednesday: Wild Horse Merlot

I was only supposed to be looking at an apartment.  Beautiful. Not as modern as I would like. Carpet flooring …ech! But, two modest bedrooms, one bathroom, upstairs unit, kitchen balcony, kitchen comes with stove and dishwasher.  Apartment has space for washer and dryer in the unit.  Huge living room closet. Questionable. $1,500/mo.  Location: San Pedro. Ugh. Why?

A friend of a friend owns the property and just had his recent tenant vacate the place in July. Beautiful view of the ocean and glimpses of Catalina Island.  Just an hour’s commute from my underpaying job. 

But when he brought out this bottle of Wild Horse Merlot, it perked my spirits right up.  I am not in a position to move 25 miles away from my largest income source – although that is a common Los Angeles practice – it doesn’t mean I should remove myself completely from the market altogether.   Two glasses in and I almost asked for an application.  Red wine does those kinds of things to you.  But I liked wasn’t chilled but tasty of its tart flavored fruits. 

It’d be nice to find a new affordable place soon.

Wine Wednesday: Uncensored White Blend

What do single gals enjoy?


When do we want it?


Well, y’know, please.

In no way, shape or form would I ever call myself a wine connoisseur.  Enthusiast, maybe.  Expert, nah!

But in the middle of week, when chances are my work load has doubled and side gig client deadlines are swiftly approaching, I escape — momentarily — in a glass.  And tonight, I’m enjoying something I purchased from the 99 Cent Store on Wilshire and Fairfax a while back .   They no longer carry wine or other spirits due to increasing theft, which I thought was ridiculous.  I mean, how desperate do you have to be to steal a $2.99 bottle of wine?  I’ll never know.  Glad I held onto the bottles I did purchase while they were still selling them.

Now, I typically lean towards more wine reds as being my favorite, but I love all God’s wines equally.  This White Blend from Uncensored is drinkable.  Light bodied, slightly fruity — grapefruit, apricot, apple flavors  — does the trick on this Fall’s Eve just nicely.