Food Fridays: Country-Fried Potatoes

Country Fried Potatoes

Since we’re talking about breakfast of champions… this is probably not one of them [laughs], but it’s delicious nonetheless.

I like to indulge on the weekends, especially if I’m not out running errands or meeting up with clients.  It’s nice to treat myself.  And what breakfast is simpler than two main ingredients?  A russet potato (one of those large ones that don’t even come in a bag with all of its friends) and grapes.  Right?  And it’s filling, which is even better.

One large russet potato is enough for the whole meal, just me.  You might not even finish it all.  Take your skillet with your choice of oil (I typically use extra virgin olive oil) and put it on medium heat.  While the skillet warms up, skin and dice the potato into cubes.  For more nutrients, keep the skin on after you’ve washed it, then dice it.  Dice 1/4 of a white onion and toss it into skillet (not a quarter cup of an onion, one quarter of the onion itself).  Season with black pepper, pink salt, oregano, garlic powder (you can use fresh garlic here instead) and parsley flakes.  It can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes to make sure the potato cubes are thoroughly cooked and has that nice golden brown color.  Stir frequently as not to burn the potatoes.  Relish in the smell, as I always do. Rinse off some grapes or whatever fruit you’d like to pair your potatoes with, and viola!

Goodness (and carbs) headed for your tummy.

*That pineapple in the background… I destroyed that later.  It was sooo good.