Working 5 to 9: The Juggling Game

It seems like when we become comfortable with our side hustles and we have regular clients, we’re constantly juggling between the various elements in our lives. Whether that’s work, the side hustle, family, friends, passion projects, caring for a loved, our pets, volunteering or whatever else incredible busy ambitious and busy women do these days. We have a lot on our plate.

But when we’re juggle between multiple side hustles, it can become challenging to know how to transition from one to the next.

This past Sunday, if you were catching up with me, I had clients I needed to see in two opposite directions in town and was able to get to them both on time miraculously. What I didn’t share was that I had to cancel on meeting a new person for my writing passion project that I’ve been planning for a couple of weeks. That kind of suck. I met her via the NextDoor app and discovered she lives relatively close to me. And she’s an aspiring writer and I like to think of myself as an aspiring writer. So we had plans to meet this past Sunday at 12pm at a cafe she knew of in the mid point between us.

Well, while working with my website client, at 11:15am I wouldn’t be able to make it to see her in time. And I was bummed out about it. So I sent her a text, explaining I was with a client but wouldn’t be able to meet her at our agreed upon time. I asked if we could reschedule. She seemed really okay with it and happy that I gave her notice before she made her way over to the cafe. But I just felt so bad I couldn’t keep that commitment.

Juggling all these things on my plate feels like a combination of luck and art. It’s about timing my schedule appointments so I give myself room to go over schedule without being late to the next appointment your. And I thought I was doing that. I just didn’t think I’d be working with the first client for nearly 4.5 hours! Sheesh!

Although, I am happy to say that I’m almost done with the website for the client. I’ll send him an email notice, have him review the final draft and collect my $125 balance that I am owed.

The only the good about juggling so many different projects is when they get finished, you can move it off your to-do list.

Happy Friday: Keep It Moving

Happy, happy, happy Friday, ladies! April never looked so good. I’m really enjoying Spring right now. Hope you are too.

Well, I’ve been finding my momentum and kicking up a little speed. Enough speed to keep up everything I got going on and finding a nice balance to it. Managing my time better, particularly. And as easy as it sounds, it’s not. I mean, in a perfect world, it would be.

But things happen. I leave work late. Traffic through downtown is always hot mess, especially anywhere near on an on-ramp. I’ll get a same day notary client I need to see. Email correspondences I’ve neglected from earlier in the day. Over the course of a few minutes, it feels like there’s always something coming up making it harder to get important projects completed.

So I schedule in myself. I schedule myself in my calendar like I was one of my freelance clients. I block off a few hours a week and only work on stuff for me during that block. And it helps. More than I thought it would. I don’t get everything done but I get the ball rolling and as long as the ball is moving, so am I. For the moment, that’s what I’m gonna do.

Keep it moving.

Foodie Friday: Tips to Keeping Healthy While Hustlin’

Hey ladies, Elle here! I’m back for #foodiefriday, and I want to share a few tips on how we as female hustlers can keep it healthy. Too often we are on the grind so much that we disregard the harm we may be doing to our bodies. I have been guilty of this more times than once, but I quickly took notice and began making changes.

Hey ladies, Elle here! I’m back today for #foodiefriday, and I want to share a few tips on how we as female hustlers can keep it healthy. Too often we are on the grind so much that we disregard the harm we may be doing to our bodies. I have been guilty of this more times than once, but I quickly took notice and began making changes.

So here are some tips to keep it healthy while hustlin’

Get Sleep and Rest

Throw the “team no sleep” mentality out the window because if you don’t sleep how can you be at your best to conquer your days. We work our 9-5 then work on our own business, so sleep and rest is extremely important. Think about the time you are missing when you have to catch up on sleep.

Find Balance

You have to find balance between your personal life, work life, and entrepreneur life. It’s hard as hell, but without balance you will go crazy. I am currently in a situation where I am trying to find my balance and get back to my normal routine. I am currently up at 3am writing this post because the week has been a trying week and I have been off balance.


Keeping your mental healthy is crucial. Find ways to keep mental clarity so you can make sound decisions. I like to meditate upon waking up to get my day started. If there is potential bull shit during the day, a quick 5-minute meditation may help you be less frustrated.

Swap Your Coffee

Swapping your coffee for other healthy alternatives is good to do once in a while. I love coffee, the taste, the smell, but too much coffee isn’t that great for me. So at times I like to swap it with matcha green tea. Matcha is packed with nutrients that help boost immunity and it aids in detoxifying the body from harsh chemicals. It also known to improve mood and increase focus, reduce stress, and relax the mind. Lastly, matcha gives you natural energy without the jitters.

Each Your Fruit and Veggies

Keeping proper nutrients in your body is the most crucial in hustlin’. Eating more fresh fruits and veggies give you energy, boost your immune system, and gives your the nutrients your body needs to function daily.

Quick FSH Bowl Recipe

Cook quinoa according to package

Sauté zucchini, kale, and onions

Season to taste

It’s as quick and simple as that. In order to continue hustlin’ daily you have to take care of yourself. Try some of these tips and let me know how they are working for you.