How Green Are Hustlers?

It’s Earth Day. And we’ve heard all day how we as a global community need to take more responsibility for the home we share: Earth. I grew in liberal California. Recycling was a part of P.E. We had organic grocery stores before it was this huge thing. Every hone and apartment complex had a blue container snd knew exactly what it was for. And a side hustler, you can’t find anyone more (perhaps, unintentionally) green than us… except for those people who still huge trees. I think they’re all in Oregon, though.

As side hustlers, we’re already “green” whether we realize it or not. We do are damnest not waste…anything. Money, time, materials. I mean, everything either gets reused or recycled before it gets discarded. And mainly because we’re working with a shoestring bucket. We can’t afford to waste because everything we do is geared to bringing in extra money.

That sheet of blank paper that printed because it was part of the printing job will get turned into notes and shoved into a book before it’s tossed out. And it’ll only get tossed out once we have reviewed those notes and transcribed them somewhere else. Side hustlers are already green because we’re strictly focused on making more green. For now, its the only color we see. Well, that and black. Which are all good colors when it comes to money.

Happy Earth Day for being green all year long!