Happy Friday: Making It Work

Happy Friday to my ladies and gents who follow me and regularly read my posts. I apologize for posting today’s happy Friday late this morning/afternoon. I’m having such a fast paced Friday and I leave two hours earlier due to our summer hours schedule.

And as a result of the memorial day holiday, we’re a little short on staff today, so I am playing my role, ish, as well as the receptionist and stylist. It’s not even noon and I feel burnt out. But, in an accomplished way. Like, I’m helping getting sh*t done, son!

And that’s the attitude I’m taking with me into the long weekend. Getting it done. Making it work. Handlin’ it. But, as hustlers, what else are we going to do?

Thursday’s Thoughts: Doing Enough

I often questioned my efforts, wondering am I really doing all I can be doing to get to where I want to be. I can drive myself crazy with the questions, but not knowing the answers is just as bad.

Am I studying my interests enough?

Could I be reading more, taking more classes, going to more seminars and workshops?

Am I as dedicated as I preach to be?

How to can become more disciplined?

Is being too disciplined a problem?

Do I have the right amount of people in my life to act as sounding boards?

How can I find other like minded people to congregate with?

Can I do this alone?

Should I do this alone?

If no man is an island, can a woman be?

When will my preparation finally meet my opportunity?

Will I know it?

Do I need to be more for any opportunity that comes my way?

Am I doing enough?

How many others have felt this way as well?