This Week’s Goal: Setting My Intentions

I talk a lot about hustling, why I think it’s important every woman has a side hustle, how a side hustle can bring in extra income and set one up for self employment, should you so desire. But, there’s gotta be a commitment to the side hustle if the end game is about financial and career freedom. Because ultimately, that’s what I want.

So, it’s time for me to stop playing small and set my intentions. I really need to set myself up for the success I only see on my vision board. I need to plan, strategize and execute as if 2019 is the only year I’m given this opportunity. I need to go to bed every night with a goal in mind for the next day. And wake up every morning executing that goal.

Yes, I need to finish some websites. Yes, I need to clear, clean and organize the hell out my stuff and life. But more importantly, I need set my intentions towards the life I know I want to lead.


I believe I’m ready to make that commitment to myself. How ’bout you?

Happy Friday: Getting Back on Track

Happy, happy Friday, ladies.

I feel good. It’s April. Spring has really arrived to L.A. although it feels like Summer instead of Spring some days. I hope everyone’s week has been going swimmingly. For me, I am getting back on track. And I’m perfecting a better schedule to make sure I’m as successful for this quarter and the rest of the year.

That’s the goal, it always seem. Feels like I’m always chasing that goal – to be more successful – but that’s okay with me. I like having goals and I like having things to look toward. Otherwise… I don’t know. I couldn’t imagine what life would be and I had nothing to hope for, work toward, dream of and live for. Life then would truly be empty.

Not to sour the morning so early but I hope all you ladies are dreaming (but awake, though). Dreaming about your futures, your goals, your ambitions, whatever it is that wakes you up every day other than your alarm.

Stay dreamin’.

This Week’s Goal: Cold Emailing

This Week's Goal.png

Keeping in the spirit of finding small chunks of time and using it to our best advantage, let’s talk goals.

If you’ve read any of my earlier posts (before my 3 month hiatus), you’ve learned that my ultimate goal is to be in business for myself.  Ideally, work from home and support a comfortable lifestyle.   Not quite there yet.  However, that larger goal is broken down to smaller, manageable goals that can help me chip away and reach that bigger goal of mine.

I own a part time mobile notary business here in sunny (but currently cloudy and cold) Los Angeles.  Which, is one of the reasons I’ve haven’t posted in so long time.  After I get off work to go meet a notary client which is normally outside of my service zone, I am tired when I get home.  Don’t get me wrong, the notary aspect is fairly easy, but traveling, coordinating, confirming and booking and making sure I am the perkiest self I can possibly be (and I don’t care for perky – on myself or anyone else), I’m a little mentally drained. I am spent.

But like many optimistic people, I’m hoping to make some tweaks in 2019 to what I don’t like about what I do and improve those things that I do enjoy.  My notary business is not an exception.

So, my goal this week is to one work on securing some loan signing work.  In a nutshell, Notaries can be certified –which I am — to notarize real estate loan documents and make more money in a single visit.  How much more money?  Anywhere from $40 to $100 an hour more.  Right? RIGHT? So, I’ve been collecting email address and business cards from brokers, agents and escrow officers preparing to send them a small information package about myself and let them know I am available to work them.  I’ve already drafted the email template and assembled my package of documents saved in my Google Drive.  I just need go start sending out the emails.

So my goals is to reach 5 people a week and follow up with the a week and half after my initial contact.

Not a hefty goal.  But manageable. Something that can be done on my small chunks of time.  And hey, if you want, you can be my accountability partner.  I’d love to have someone to make sure I am on track doing what I said I was going to.  And I’ll be your partner if you want.

So, what’s your goal for this week?

August’s 💵 Money Challenge 💵: First Comes Budgeting…

…then comes planning.

Aaaah! I know I’m a few days late following up on our money challenge for August, but I wanted to check in quickly and get us started for this week even though it’s half way over. But no worries. This next part is easy. Ish.

Now last week we wrote out our expen6se, right? What’s going out? I did it too because what’s the point of calling it our money challenge if I’m not participating, right? I used an Excel sheet even though I also use Mint and Trim to help me stay mindful of upcoming due dates. And I have a little over $1,800 in life expenses. Wowzers. Now, for LA that’s actually on the low side and to be fair, here’s why:

  • I don’t have a car payment. Got a used car from a friend, paid in full.
  • I live in a studio apartment for under $1,000 a month, utilities included.
  • I don’t have cable or satellite service. I have a Roku device. I cut the cord about 2 years ago. I only subscribe to Amazon Prime and Netflix (the $7.99 Netflix). So my in-home entertainment costs is a little over $14 a month. And I love it.
  • I take the bus to work and most places — and I have a car? Well, my mom drives the car since I live about 1.2 miles from work. That monthly TAP card for the bus is about $100.
  • I’m still on our family plan cell phone bill with T-Mobile. I do pay the bill for all of us, but if I didn’t, my portion would average to about $60 a month.
  • I also save about $100 a month. That doesn’t include the 401K account I have with my job in which $280 is deducted from my check before taxes even are every month.
  • I try not to spend no more than $200 on groceries and $60 on eating out for the month.

A little rigid? Yeah, maybe. Why? I have a dream home in mind. That’s why the budgeting, that’s why the cutbacks in certain luxuries or amenities. I want something bigger and better down the line, so I’m making small sacrifices today.

So, the next part of your our August money challenge is to figure out why we’re budgeting and what we can live without for little bit. Make budgeting plans.

I can live without cable or satellite TV. I get most of my news from the internet anyways. I’m down for reruns and I get to discover a bunch of stuff I never knew I’d like. Plus, when I had satellite TV, I was paying almost $70 a month for basic channels. But I spent 9 hours at work and getting to and from there. About 7 hours of sleep and another 1.5 hours getting ready for work. So 17.5 hours I wasn’t even getting my money’s worth during the work week. Damn. All that money down the drain. Now, I get to keep that dough.

But I’m budgeting with a plan in mind. I know why I’m budgeting and what I’m doing this for.

So, you know what you’re spending now in greater detail. Maybe some of those monthy subscriptions to stuff you don’t really need. Look over all your expenses and see what you do without for your ultimate goal in mind. I’m sure it’s worth it.