Foodie Fridays: Chicken Stir Fry

I make stir about every two weeks, because it’s one of the easiest dishes I’ve ever prepared.  It’s usually enough for lunch the next day — my favorite part.

This time I prepared my stir fry using brown jasmine rice, but  before, I was using those Ramen noodles that comes in a pack of 6 and have the overly salty seasoning packets.  Yeah, reminds me of college.  Anywhoo…

This is also of the cheapest meals I can prepare.  When I buy my chicken breast, it’s a family pack which means I get anywhere from 8-10 meals from it. I buy a few packs, to be honest.

I use about 3/4 of a chicken breast when making my stir fry.  Carrots, 0.79 cents a pound at Ralphs (I grab like seven carrots, it’s hardly a pound), broccoli — about two stalks and it runs like a dollar and some change for pound, a can of water chestnuts, 0.89 cents. An onion, white or red, no particular preference.  A bottle of stir fry sauce that says “stir fry sauce” on it.  Reading is fundamental.  That’s between $2.49 -$3.59, depending on the brand and everything else — like my chicken, brown rice and cooking oil — are at home.  I heat the oil in a pan on high.  Throw in my chopped carrots, broccoli, onions and mushrooms.  Let them cook down so they can have a soft crunch taste.  I chop me up some chicken, a little smaller than bite sizes because it ensures the chicken cooks all the way through.  Season lightly with some garlic powder and black pepper. When everything is cooked and chicken has a a golden brown color, add in the stir fry sauce.  I would say no more than 1/2 the bottle (it’s a small bottle, so don’t think I have sauce dependency issues here) should gently coat everything in the skillet.

And voila! Chicken Stir Fry! Faster than delivery.  And there’s place about four blocks from my house that’s pretty fast.

Stir Fry

Foodie Friday: Penne Spaghetti

If you read my post from yesterday, I’m an obsessed advocate for eating and cooking at home.  I like to eat out too, but cooking at home is so cost effective! And delicious.  And never let it be said with any sort of conviction that single gals don’t cook!  Oh, yes we do!  If we’re trying save our money and build a little side business, we adore preparing home cooked meals.  In the words of Sophie Amoruso, “money looks better in the bank!”  (ladies, I suggest you buy or rent a copy of Girl Boss.  I got me a copy for less than $4!)

One of my favorite go-to meals is spaghetti.  It should be a staple in every household if you ask me.  I’m been a spaghetti lover since 3.  It’s sad that I remember that, but I do.  It’s simple and quick to make.  Below is my take on spaghetti using whole grain Penne pasta and ground turkey.  I’m no chef and I’m no photographer.  Just a foodie.  Someone who appreciate a good meal.  If don’t believe, ask my hips

Penne Spaghetti (1)

If you’re at all curious how I made my spaghetti:

  • Boil your pasta how you normally would
  • Because I used ground turkey, I added some milk to my skillet.  Yes, milk.  It makes white meat creamier. How much milk?  Maybe a 1/4 cup.
  • I love seasonings so I added: black pepper, pink salt, sage (goes good with white meat), fresh chopped red onion, garlic powder and dried oregano.
  • Ground meat till brown.
  • I used canned sauce.  Sorry.  I can make homemade sauce, but that requires a lot of tomatoes.
  • I do add fresh tomatoes.  Just one.
  • Add the sauce to your meat.  Your pasta should done about this time if you start cooking the noodles at the same as the meat (just makes sense)
  • Once the sauce has been stirred in with you meat and matches it’s temperature, it’s time to plate eat!

*Homemade garlic bread?  Use any bread you want.  Seriously. Combine melted butter, garlic powder and parsley flakes into a spread which is going to go on your bread.  Put bread into oven at 400 (or whatever) and give it about 10 minutes.