Stay Motivated: Get Rid Of “Comfortable” People

People are creatures of habit which means we’re also creatures of comfort. If it’s familiar, we like it. If it’s tried and true, we love it. If it’s normal, we’re about it. We like things that feel secure and are comfortable. It gives us security. We know we can always rely and depend on it.

Like people. We like dependable people even if we’re not the dependable type. We like having someone who comes prepared, can jump in and know what exactly what to do and take care of a hot mess even if it’s not their own. We like those people. They cover for us despite it never being their intention. But if we’re the dependable type, those comfortable moochers who don’t contribute but know everything are a drain on our happiness and peace of mind.

And they gotta go.

Comfortable people — people who are too comfortable in their ways to make changes for the better, especially for themselves — are not the people we need to be around. Ever. Have you ever heard that you are the sum of the 10 people who spend most of your time with? It’s true. We’re influenced by our surroundings and that includes people. Why would you want a comfortable person in that mix? Why would you want someone who is half -assing their way through their own life?

But, like other toxic people we may have had in our lives, we probably have some comfortable folks still latched to us. People who are not doing anymore than the status quo. Those “C-” students. They just wanna pass. Those are not our kind and definitely not our tribe. And there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable if you have everything you could ever want in your entire life at this moment. Then being comfortable is the endgame for you.

But if not, you need to make peace with getting outside if your comfort zone. And you need to kick those comfortable people out of your life. You need smart people, ambitious people, people with drive, people with dreams, people on the move. You need people who are so uncomfortable they are constantly making moves for the future because it’s all they know.

You need to be around people who have a goal and are working towards.

Money Matters: Are You Motivated By Money?

If you ask me this question point blank, my answer would be: hell yes! But not in the I love money, money rules everything around me kind of way. More like… I don’t wanna be boke so I make money conscious decisions so I can have a comfortable future that isn’t wielded by the fear of lack of money. There are songs that speak to the evils of money and how money is corruption but I disagree. I see money for what it is — a tool.

And like any generally good-natured person, I work so I can have enough money to have my basic necessities met. But I hustle so I can have more money build my dreams. Because we live in a world where, as my Nana would say

Money talks and bullshit walks!”

And I’ve been very perceptive of the power we have given this tool we call money. We allow it dictate the value of living, housing, vacationing, education and every thing else that touches our lives. So if we don’t have money, we have lack. Or, so we’ve been taught to believe we lack if we don’t have money. Which is why it’s such a powerful motivator. There’s nothing wrong with money as a motivator. But, how we allow it to motivate us, that’s where the waters get murky.

Yes, I’m motivated by money. If I had more money, I’d be able to save more for a place I could own in the foreseeable future. If I had more money, I’d be able to pay off my student loan debts. If I had more money, I’d be able to live in a better neighborhood, or at least in a building that provided its tenants with parking. If more money this or if more money that. I’m sure we’ve all given ourselves the more money speech. But how often have we given ourselves the take action speech?

Think about how many times you yourself or someone you know has said, “if I won the lottery I’d buy….”. That’s a wonderful dream that money may have motivated, but what become of that dream? Better yet, if you didn’t win the lottery – which is all of us – are you still on track to live that dream life? Let money be motivation, but let some sort of execution propel you there.

This Week’s Goal: Change Web Hosting Provider

My goal this week is a little trivial. It’s not overly exciting or empowering or mind blowing. It’s good ol’ fashioned dollars and cents. Literally. I am in pursuit of a new web hosting so I can – like all of us – save money and maintain my earnings.

Which hustle of mine is this affecting?

My notary business. I’ve been using GoDaddy for years. And now they want to raise my $11.99/mo fee to $20.00/mo. Yeah… That’s an extra $96 a year I’m not okay with giving away. My dollars count. I worked hard for every cent I’ve earned, whether it was as an employee or as an “independent contractor”/ small business owner. When I know of an opportunity to save money or try to save money, I’m all over it like white on rice.

Nothing exciting this week. Just some penny pinching. What’s your goal for this week?

This Week’s Goal: Shake Off May

I don’t know why, but I’ve been feeling super lazy and sluggish in May. For no logical reason. I haven’t been hustling as hard as I should be. I haven’t been coming home and knocking things off my list and completing client projects. I’ve been acting like… I don’t care about my goals. Or, it feels like I don’t care because I haven’t put in any muscle behind what I need and want to be doing.

But in fact, this is just a cycle I go through. Something in my life is causing me more stress than I realize and rather than tackle that stressor or address it, I procrastinate with everything else I need to do. As if putting a pause on work, I’m pausing other outside troubling forces.

I don’t know. All I know is I need to do is shake off this bad May feeling off. I need to get off my ass and go into overdrive.

No excuses. No laziness. No procrastination. Just pure hustle.

This Week’s Goal: Procrastinate Less

This week I want to focus on procrastinating less and getting more into my grind. And I am so guilty when comes to putting things off but I can’t afford to do so anymore. I really need to get back into the swing of hustling like I was in my 20s… minus late nights and scrambled thougts. And really poor note-taking.

What I really need to do is focus moreso on the things that will serve me in the long run. Such as getting back to reading more. And focusing on eating healthy and working out. And networking. Y’know, the things that matter when you’re working on building something to call your own.

And I use to be so good at carving that time out for myself. But now, I feel like I’m slacking. Like I’m not putting in enough time and energy. I feel like I’m not hustling hard enough. I feel a little disappointed in me and I want to do something to fix that. So, that’s my goal this week. Hustle the Hustle.

What are you doing this week?