Inside the Hustle: Notarizing in Torrance

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared an “inside the hustle”, and ladies I’ve been hustling. That’s for sure. But stopping to share the journey… not so much.

I’m in an Uber headed to Torrance. A client texted me from my Craigslist ad asking for same day services, so here I am headed their way hoping to make it by 9:30pm. Best thing about LA is that at this hour, it’s very likely.

The client caught me just in time, because I was about strip down and put bed-like clothes on. They’re not quite “pajamas”, but they serve the same purpose.

I’ll try to be more mindful and share these moments more often with you so we can support one another. And by all means, share your journey with me!

Working 5 to 9: Hustle Hard

See that blue car? The one in the right hand lane? Okay, you can’t see what I see — or maybe not as clearly as I wanted you to see it — but that blue car has a true hustler driving it. How do I know?

On the back of his window he has an Uber and Lyft sticker and on top of his car is one of those mobile advertisements mechanisms people can get paid for when driving around town. I don’t know if you’ve figured it out just yet, but he’s putting his car to work. Literally.

That driver is taking every opportunity to make money with his car. Whether he’s shuttling people around town, or just running errands. That, to me, is the spirit of hustlin’. It’s taking each opportunity that has come your way and turning it into something that benefits you, ideally, financially.

Now, maybe you don’t have a hustle as hard as this blue car driver. Maybe you don’t want to hustle as hard as him. I don’t know, but here work seems to be what turns dreams into reality. If you’re gonna have a hustle, hustle hard.