This Week’s Goal: Mapping Out The Future

No, I’m not psychic. I can’t see the future. If I could, I think I would have made some different choices. Maybe. But I do know what want for myself. In the immediate and distant future. And I have some pretty lofty goals. Lofty enough that I’m gonna need a real strategic plan how to get from where I am to these lofty goals of mine.

So, while I’m amping myself up for these remainder months in 2019, I will mapping out my road to my goals, the things I want for myself in this life. The roadmap won’t be accurate. Adjustments will made. But it will be my guide, nonetheless. And maybe I’ll get to where I want to be faster than I imagined. Who knows?

This Week’s Goal: To Outline and Plan My Goal

My goal has always been to be self employed. Fully. No full time job cushioning the dream indefinitely or funding the dream for the long haul. The goal has always been to eventually move into the self employed space and make that my permanent reality. After leaving the Girlboss Rally, I’ve been told I need to be strategic about my goal. And that I could accomplish being self employed in the next two years.

So… this week, and thanks the 4th of July holiday for giving me an extra full day off, I will be working on my strategic plan so that in the next 18 months, I can build the life I want and do the things I’ve always wanted to do.

I enjoy my job. I really do. And it’s ashame this job came so late in the employment game for me. I think if I had this job earlier on, I wouldn’t be so jaded about employers or about working for someone else. I may not have even wanted to work for myself if I had this job earlier. But everything happened the way it did and perhaps, they it was suppose to so I could dream this big dream and have these lofty goals.

And so I will aim. High.