Happy Friday: Feelin’ Good

Happy Friday, ladies (and my gents too who visit and read. I see you and I thank you!)

We are now in February, my birthday month. Just throwing it out there in case you wanted to get me a gift. I like wine. Any sort. But if you want to get me something special though, San Antonio Winery has this great La Quinta Port Syrah. De-lish. Just sayin’.

Aside from it being my birthday month, it’s going to be a beautiful month regardless. I’m declaring it now. I had some changes take place for me this month, but I am spinning them on their head to make them advantageous for me and my goals rather than what the original designer created those changes for. And sometimes you gotta do that. Sometimes you gotta take the mud someone slings at you and turn it into pottery. Make it art. Make it shine. Make it for you rather than against you. Because despite what we believe, we still got a lot of power over what’s going on with us. Even if it’s just our attitude. That’s powerful too.

I’m feeling good. Had a very successful interview yesterday Downtown. Confirmed two clients meetings for tomorrow. Got some great ideas for marketing my notary business I’m going to try out in the next couple of days. So I feel real good. And I hope you feel real good too.

And please don’t just feel good because it’s Friday and it’s the end of the normal work week. I mean, if that’s your reason, I’m not gonna rain on your parade. I’ll leave that to the actual weather. But I would love it if you have a reason today was better beyond the fact it’s Friday.

What is it?

WHEN…You Think You Have Down Time…

You really don’t.

You have work-on-the-business time.

When I’m not seeing a notary client or writing, I’m working on my part time business. I’m working my marketing — online, offline and word of mouth. I am brainstorming new ways to reach prospect clients. I am working on other hustles.

I am always trying my best not to let a valuable moment go to waste. I would hate to have had chance to crush an opportunity but didn’t because I was Netflixing. Don’t get me wrong. I take time out chill and come back to it all, but I also remind myself to stay focus on the goal. Trust me, I watched Birdbox too. I wasn’t part of the crazy challenge though, but I was feelin’ the movie.

When it was over, I went back to brainstorming ideas for the notary business.

Down time is research time. Idea time. Planning time. And testing time. Follow up time. Respond to emails time. It’s never truly down just “down time”.