On This MLK Holiday…

May we remember the man whose sacrifice paved the way for our evolving equality and justice system in this country. You may say it’s imperfect or needs to improve. But I say, we are not where we were yesterday.

Martin Luther King Jr. maybe one of the ultimate hustlers of his time. His goal wasn’t for money or building an empire of his own. But to help steer the wrongs society had written. To help guide the generations after his away from hate and towards love. To create better days than the ones before.

However you spend today, please take a moment to remember this man. This courage, his passion and his sacrifice. And may it be the fuel for your aspirations and dreams.

His Dream, My Reality: Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

If I could thank the man who had a plan to show the world his dream

I’d kneel before that man we adore and tell him what his dream has seen.

His non-violent fights for my civil rights has opened so many doors

I could not imagine, what it must’ve been for someone wanting more.

On the front lines, during those times was not for the faint of heart

His stand against injustice, equality for all of us, he had to be at the start.

It was a bigger mission that his dream-like vision would include people like me

A citizen at birth, marked with little worth would still be treated equally.

Don’t get wrong, there’s more work to be done, as race is undying issue.

The battle he won, the fight we carry on, in his memory we continue.

We thank Dr, King, for everything, for paying with his life, a cost.

Because of his sacrifice, an ultimate price, the fight has not been lost.

– ML Morgan