Inside The Hustle: The Launch

Elle inside her hustle

Elle here! Boy has it been quite the week. I literally moved my life to the West Coast in January in less than a month, and I just moved back to the East Coast in less than, hmmm, three days. Talk about moving around. I have been back now a week, and I am already launching my meal prepping service today!!!! Oh, and I’ve already got a client.

I’m suppose to be finishing my menu flyer, but I thought I’d peep in to check in with my hustle family. Peace and love to you ladies and keep hustlin’.

PS, I’ll share more of what I’m working on in the coming weeks. Until then I hope you all follow my journey @mylifebeingelle and @junkfoodbyelle on Instagram, and sign up for my email list at

A Saturday Night For Me

It’s Saturday night and the bars are filling up with sport fans, casual friends and those looking for a good happy hour.  And where am I? Outside of Verse on 8th and Grand waiting for a notary client that found my ad on Craigslist.

Upside? A paying client with travel fees.

No? That’s the highlight if my Saturday. No hot date or bar hopping with friends.  

Just another dollar earned… And that’s actually something to smile about.